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Legs Only...

I dislocated my shoulder a week and a half ago. I was doing seated shoulder presses and I missed the rack behind me and it ripped my shoulder out of socket and I have a small bone chip.

I can move my arm almost parallel to the ground now.

Wont be able to lift anything much with my shoulder for at least a month.

I plan on leg pressing, leg extensions, leg curls, calf raises, and any other leg work i can.

3 days a week leg workout.

I will squat when I gain enough shoulder flexibility.

Any advice?

I hurt my rotator cuff and I just focused my leg and core muscle.

As long as you are not overtraining I think you will be fine.

If you just hurt you right shoulder, maybe it’s time for your left arm catching up?

If for instance your right arm is stronger and you injured your right shoulder, now is a good time to train your left arm. Don’t forget abs and back extensions.

I injured my left shoulder, which is stronger than my right. So I will do some lifts with the right arm to catch it up.

that sucks. that’s why I rack shoulder presses in front of me.

however, if this man can train with a bum arm, you can train with a bum shoulder:

I seem to recall a study that showed test subjects who only did leg extensions with one leg over a period of time still developed some increase in strength and/or mass in the other untrained leg. so just do as you said and focus rehabbing the bad shoulder when the time comes.