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Legs Only Training (Upper Body Injury)


Coach Thibaudeau,

I suffered a bicep tendon rupture (long head, connecting to the shoulder joint) and I have to take a 6 month break from upper body training. It sucks, as I admit I am a stimulus addict. Your recent articles about natural training in terms of volume and recovery really opened my eyes, I was doing way too much.

Even if I am upper-body “disfunctional”, I still can train my legs.

Can you please recommend a legs only training programme? I am interested in hypertrophy and would prefer daily training :slight_smile: I have to mention I can’t deadlift as I can’t hold a heavy weight in my injured arm (left one).

Any other recommendation of training I can do? (I am thinking abs etc). I really miss the gym and would like to do any possible training given my injury. For the last 2 months the only “training” I did was outside walking for about 1 hour, I got bored.

Thank you.