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Legs-Only Program?


CT, I have pretty bad carpal tunnel which has led to severe nerve damage. I've decided to only workout my legs for the next week or two and see how my hands/wrists react.

I was wondering how many days a week I could work on my legs since I won't be working on anything else (except maybe lower back, abs and doing a few sets of machine pullovers.

Also if you could give me any ideas on how to structure a program for the next 1-2 weeks I'd really appreciate it.

I can basically do anything that doesn't involve my wrists. So no deads, no traditional squats (although I have a sting ray that I'm finally gonna get to use to do front squats) and basically no upper body lifting.


As far as the frequency goes - if you're used to training legs multiple times a week (2-3) you can even do them 5 times! I had a problem with my elbow once and for about two weeks all I did were back squats supersetted very light, high rep pulldowns (to help elbow recovery). I may have done some leg curls/extensions at some point too, but I'm not sure. This was done 5 times a week.

Obviously I didn't go crazy with the volume or intensity, but I didn't approach any workout as a light one, I just tried to do the most volume and weight while being able to keep the frequency up.

It definitely didn't hurt, and it gave me time to work on my form a bit and get used to my working weight at the time.

I didn't try to structure it as a program. My attitude was more like "This is what I can't do. This is what I can. Let's do as much of what I can do and do all that I can to be able to do what I now can't do soon." (Say that fast 10 times).

If that stingray allows you to do front squats I would use them as the focus for the 1-2 weeks and add whatever assistance work you consider necessary.

But most of all make sure you do everything you can to get your wrist sorted out as well and as soon as possible. I injured my wrist a couple of years ago while playing the guitar (yes, it's possible). I couldn't use my left hand for a couple of weeks. And if I'm not careful it starts hurting again.

Just my 2 cents. I hope your wrist gets better soon.



Search Smolov, maybe you can do a shortened cycle of that. It is a killer leg program.


Thanks for the replies guys.

BIP - I think I'll do something similar to what you suggested. I haven't been to the gym since Tuesday, which is more off time than I've had in months. It will be my first legs only/no upper lifting day today. I'm just gonna focus on the front squats like you suggested and just experiment, see what muscles it feels like I still need to hit and go from there.

It sucks that I can't do any DL's but at least we have a GH raise and reverse hyper. I'm guessing I'll be doing a shitload of front squats, some leg presses, GH raise and reverse hypers, a lot of ab and calve work and maybe some leg extensions/curls.

As far as my carpal tunnel, it seems like everyone is recommending surgery now since my nerve damage is so severe. I want to try everything possible before surgery though but I have to hurry and figure it out. My doc said that it's possible that if I wait to long I could end up permanently losing some function in my hands.