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Legs Not Proportionate to Upper Body?


Okay, time to bite the bullet and post my embarassing numbers to go along with my 2 forthcoming questions:

weight: 172 lbs

Bench: 205x1
Squat: 315x5
Deadlift: 360x3


1) Does this seem out of proportion?

2) If so, then what do people suggest to make it more balanced?

I'm relatively happy with my last 1.5 years gains...heck, could barely deadlift 155 lbs for 5 reps, squat 225 for 5 reps, and bench 135 for 8 reps (just to put things in relation to now) at about 150 lbs.




Oops, sorry, something snapped. :wink:

Those number are not to be embarrassed about. The ratios are about right also.

You've made nice progress. You must be doing something right.


Those numbers are fine.

I am about the same weight and my max bench is about the same, and my squat and deadlift are lower, and I don't think my lower/upper body are disproportionate (if anything, I'd like to gain some on my upper body first).

Is that ass-to-grass squat, or parallel, or what? That's a damn good squat for 172lb bodyweight.


hmm I just realized you may be wondering if your legs are STRONGER than your upper body. if so I'd say they are, somewhat. I'd expect someone with squat/deadlift that high to bench 250ish, but that's not scientific, just a guess.

just keep working out, you should gain quicker on upper body since your legs are quite progressed. still, it's not like you're puny, like I said those are good numbers for your weight


So far as squat, of the 6 reps, it's 4 full ones and 2 at about 3/4 deep.

And I'm like you in regards to wanting to gain some on my upper body. But mine is when compared to what the lower body can do currently.


I would expect about a 250 bench with those numbers, but it really depends on how much focus you put into your upper body.