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Legs Locked/Cramped. Bad Gear?


Just had the first jab of my first cycle. Test-enth 400mgs. About two hours after I was eating my dinner, went to stand and walk to my car and my legs just locked up. It was similar to a cramp, I felt faint and thought I was gonna vomit. My legs were locking up, cramping, spasming and I couldnt walk.

Is this due to bad gear, or something else. Need some help please. Freaked out big time


wow Weird. can't tell ya what caused it but but ya scary. hopefully someone knows and sheads more light than me


never herd any gear causing that. maybe try more water that will help with cramps but as far as locking up you may want to ask your doctor.


it sounds like an electrolite imbalance


Got some magnesium, some electrolytes and some bananas. But feel shit today. Almost lathargic, foggy and a little uneasy just generally. I trained legs pretty intensely yesterday about 3 hours previously to taking the first dose. Not sure if this ties in much. Dont really feel up to training today, im not sure if thats just mental or if its physical. Thanks for the Feedback.