Legs Have Been Getting Cramps

Hey guys

The past couple of week after training, my legs (more specifically behind my knees and up) have been feeling like they want to cramp up if i do something sudden or strenuous.
Is there something that i am missing from my diet?

a typical day for me would be
Breakfast - Protein powder with skimmed milk, 80g oats and a hand full of frozen mixed berries
Lunch - Meat and veg (e.g. today i have 2 home made lean mincemeat burgers with broccoli, Brussels and spinach.
Evening workout of rugby training (very little weights and lots of sprinting/push up drills) or the gym (lifting only).
Post workout protein shake
Dinner - usually veggie quorn or something equally crap as GF is a veggie, with some sort of carbs and veg.

Is there something that i can add to my diet to decrease the feeling of wanting to cramp or is it a case of me not warming down well enough after exercise?

Thanks in advance

3 meals a day and a shake and you ask if there is anything missing? lol!

You should be more specific… for example if you really think it is diet - then you should include Potassium and Sodium levels as well as Macronutrient ratio’s and totals - and cals too.

And you should be more specific with what the issue is as just saying - [quote]“feeling like they want to cramp up if i do something sudden or strenuous”[/quote] is really nowhere near enough.

It comes across as very strange that you attributed this to your diet - why did you?

Shit - didn’t pay attention. Eat more starchy carbs PWO - that will help.

Thanks Brook

Sorry i wasnt more specific but im not really sure myself about what it is. Im only just starting to learn about the this damn body of mine and what it does, i was as specific as possible lol

I thought it could be food related because wrongly or rightly, when i was a kid i was always told too much salt will give you cramp. Now i know i am not eating too much salt because i dont add it to anything but i could be not eating enough of something like potassium as bananas arnt part of my diet right now.

Thanks for the info, i will try to add some thing PWO that will help with starchy carbs.


bananas, kiwis and apricots will solve your problem