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Legs....gotta love to train em :)


Jus finished my first day of

I didn't know if I could actually squat for 2 minutes straight hahaha. I'm impressed, this feels like a good change of pace.

What's ur favorite OR the most fun routine you have done for legs? Even If you go in and hit em heavy with low reps or heavy with high reps, its some kind of routine/program involved.


Leg day has been my favorite day lately...Got some inspiration from our very own ebomb here as far as exercise selection etc.

Squats - Work up to heavy set of 3-5

Defecit Deadlifts for speed - 3 x 3

Hack Squats - Work up to 5 PPS then drop set taking one plate off at a time.

Lying Leg Curls - Heavy set of 8 dropped.

Leg Press - Most brutal exercise of the day. Start with a weight you can do 12 times, then the only rest you take is stripping a plate, hitting 12 reps, strip plate until your down to 3 plates, then 3 more sets of 12 with 15 seconds rest.

HS Plate Loaded Hammie Curl - 3 x 8-12

Sissy Squats in the Smith 3/4 reps - 3 x 12-15

Dying by the end of this, besides squats, rest periods tend to be 60 seconds or less.

Calves I'll do 3 circuits of seated calve raises, calves raises on the leg press, and donkey calve raises, I vary foot postion on the exercises and generally do 25-50 reps on the various exercies.


Wow that was an interesting article. I would be interested in seeing
How you feel about this training method two months from now. I will defiantly give the two minute squat thing a try.
To answer your question I love high volume front squats, and the dc widowmakers.


So happy. I just remembered my original password.

I've been a member for a few years :slight_smile:

I've recently feel in love with high volume everything, lol.
I've never tried the doggcrap windowmakers. Something to keep in my 2.

Hahaha, I don't know how I will feel in a few weeks from now, let alone 2 months. Can't imagine squatting for 4 or ever 5 minutes straight.
I always keep my progress and training in a notebook. Main goal here is size. Feels like the frequency and TUT will def. Stimate that.


For legs I some times drop in some giant sets. Extensions straight. Leg press. Extensions feet turned out. Body weight lunges.
I also use the hack squat machine. Normal position 10 reps, turn round legs wide 10 reps. Feet together 10 reps. I don't do either on a regular basis just as a bit of a shock or if I'm pushed for time.


Squats, very low reps, 1-3

Leg press

leg extension

standing leg curl

glute ham raises

seated calf raise

I tried that program the OP did at the top and my legs grew well but they will grow no matter what i think mine are close to 29 right now, i dont know if thats considered good


Squats are staple, I mostly d them for low reps (due to form-issues, I love to keep perfect execution, and low reps are the key for me for that). Variations of squat: front squat, olympic squat, wide-stance squat, smith-machine squat. I love leg presses with heavy-ass weight with high-reps (never go below 15)

I had great experience with barbell lunges too.

For hammies, I utilise standing and seated leg curls (I only have access to those right now) and TRX leg curls. Oh, and stiff-leg deads, with forefoot elevated (actually a female trainee taught this back a year ago. Reasoned that you have to stretch the shit out of them to recruit them properly)

My hammies were my best for years, I've mostly sticked to curl and DL variations. For curls, I always hold and squeeze, contract them hard, and concentrate. For deads, I like slow eccentric to really feel the stretch, and hold it on the bottom for a sec or two.

I always loved leg training as I've always gotten wonderful results. Everyone should admit that they're fun to train once you've found out how to do them properly.

Oh, btw, I love smith machine quarter squats with neck pad and belt, knee-wraps with light weight. Just don't forget to put on the safety collars, as those two 25lbs plates will surely fall off! (-sarcasm, actually the way 60% of people are doing squats :o))


They are rather insanely brutal... but the perfect embodiment of what leg training should be.


Squats: work up to the heaviest 3-5 reps I can do (trying to beat the previous week). Reduce by 10% x max reps (usually 6-8).
Hack squat: 5 x 10 straight sets.
Reverse back extension: 5 x 8 (added weight)

My other lower body day:

Sumo Deads: work up to heaviest 3-5 rep I can do. Reduce by 10% x max reps.
Leg Press: 5 x 10 straight sets.
Reverse back extension: 5 x 8.

Hit legs 2-3 times per week, depending.


Very high volume, brutal intensity, or both.

Legs can tolerate a lot more pain and volume than other bodyparts in my experience. Pushing them further than I think they can go every session has worked very well for me.

Here's a recent workout:
Lying Hamstring Curl
4 x 15, 2 dropsets + partials to failure (6-7 total heavy work sets)

Back Squats: ramp up to top 3-6
Back Squats: 10x10 at challenging weight, then hit a heavy set of 8 and do a dropset to the weight you did the 10x10 at.

Leg Extensions
2 sets
1 x 100

Barbell RDL using 25s, full stretch, flex glutes/hams hard at top
Work up to a top 6-8, then do a few more sets of 10
2 x 20 bottom half partials

Back Squats
Work up to a top set of 8

Leg Extensions
1 x 100

This isn't the norm for me, but this is an example of organized brutal chaos lol.


Squats 4x a week, 10-16 sets of 3-5 reps, going up to 75-80% of 1RM at most. I use wave-loading or double ramps on the last 5-10 sets.

And deadlifts 2x a week, same thing.

  • Lots of sled pushing/pulling.


Did this today after squats. Oh yeah bring on the pain!

That's whats awesome about these forums you can always pick up a little something from someone elses workout and apply it to your own.

edit: then I tried the 100 rep leg extensions that seems to be all the rage. Got to 70, barely, and that was it for me. maybe next time


A lot of everything. Especially front squats and high rep back squats. And RDL variations and deadlifting heavy.


6 weeks to super hero !



I've never been big into lunges but 2 weeks ago I tried the split leg deadlift.

Wow, that was a new burn hahaha