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Legs finisher weird finisher

Lately i finish my legs WO with legs press.
Each rep is slow and comes from a strong abs contraction.
Should i count that as abs work rather than legs?
Should i rest longer before that set/lower load so my legs would be more involved(i just do not feel them)?

With the exception of certain isolation exercises, effortful movements in the gym involve tensing the abs, and the leg press is no exception. This is what you are feeling, and therein lies the problem. During leg press, the mind-muscle connection (MMC) is supposed to be centered on the lower body, but yours is being usurped by an awareness of your abs contracting.

To answer your questions:

–No, this does not count as ab work
–Adjusting the rest interval/weight/etc is not going to fix your MMC issue. Instead, force yourself to ignore your abs and to feel your legs.

Give this a try, and if you still can’t feel this movement in your legs, I would recommend abandoning it in favor of one you CAN feel. Good luck.

Thanks, some days i feel legs and abs like this morning. It just seems that the reps will stall so i really push and the feel moves around. Maybe i will try to finish with the smith.
Happy season !

…er, just focusing on feeling the legs work, say really try squeeze with the hamstrings