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Legs are Always Sore

I’m having a problem with leg recovery, they’re always sore. Today it’s been a week since I did any leg exercises and I could barely squat. I tried to get through my workout and it was brutal.

Any suggestions for this, I try to do legs twice a week but lately they’re too sore. I would like a good 2 day leg plan to help me get back on track. Thanks.

What does your leg workout look like?

My legs (especially quads) would be sore for 3-4 days after squats. This changed when I started to squat 3 times a week. 5x5 one day, low volume/heavier weight another and front squats in the middle of those 2 workouts.

I no longer squat 3days a week but my quad soreness has died down considerably after doing the 3 day a week squats for a couple months.

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I’ve been trying to do a rotating high reps, isolation, heavy workout. For the past month I’ve only been able to hit legs once a week due to soreness.

1st week. squats 165 - 10x4. Lunges 135 - 10x2. Leg extensions 5 each leg with a set of 10 superset x 4. Hamstring curls single leg + normal 4 sets. Max incline treadmill 10 minutes at 2.5.

2nd week pretty much the same only Squats are 185 5/7 x 5.

3rd week same but Squats 205 5x5

4th week same but leg press instead of lunges and Squats 225 x 5 (belt-less) and Singles up to 275. Drop sets 205 x 5. 185 x 5. 165 x 5

Then my 5th week I did 2 sets of 135 lunges, a super set leg extension. I took off squats.

6th week (today) I could barely Squat 10 reps of 165, my legs got sore after 2 sets and were burning. (During the week I did go up and down stairs at my GF house, but that seems arbitrary)

Not unusual to feel soreness for 3-4 weeks (if training the legs just weekly) especially if you are going to vary intensity, reps and even exercises each week.

Either lower the volume, intensity and build it up slower or suck it up until it goes away. A good warm up usually clears stiffness up.

stretch hard immediately afterwards, hamstrings especially -hold each stretch on leg for 90 secs

Stretching has never helped my legs. It does wonders for my lats and chest but not legs. It got to the point where I would do a 5min leg stretch at the end of my session in the gym, come home, have a shower and stretch for about 10min in the shower.

It’s funny how muscles work sometimes…

I stretch my dick in the shower sometimes. Does that count?

Do some mobility work every day (such as DeFranco’s Agile 8). It only takes 5 minutes or so and will make a big difference. Doing it twice a day is even better. Those lunges and drop sets are probably the main culprit. I used to get crippling soreness from my squat/lower body workouts. I’d suggest cutting down on the intensity/volume so that you don’t get sore. Slowly add a set or something each week. You’re cutting into your progress if you’re constantly still sore in the legs when it’s time to work them again.

Only if you’re willing to sacrifice girth.

Definitely anabolic.

I am on my feet 8 hours a day, so it’s not like I’m sitting at a desk getting atrophy.

Getting enough protein, H2O, and Zzzzs?

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Yep. Sleep is iffy sometimes but not like I’m passing out tired daily.

I squatted every day for two weeks, Id work up to a near max and do a back off for 2 weeks, fixed my problem, since this, about 3 months ago I’ve had one leg day that hurt outside of a 24-48 hour window. Its like anything else now, may be sore the next day but I’m solid after that. BCAA’S during your workout will help also. Proper hydration. Im currently on my second week of squatting every day for 100 days… Two weeks made me fall involve with squatting, imagine how it’ll be after this.

Are you on a statin drug for cholesterol?

No medications. I eat a banana a day. I might try that squatting everyday.

Excessive muscle soreness, especially all the time is telling you that you are doing too much intensity and or volume(and possibly frequency). You will stagnate in strength and hypertrophy, and probably start to develop mobilty issues, chronic injuries if you keep it up.

I wish I had learnt that when I was younger. Work the muscles and the movement. Stimulate don’t anihilate! Listen to your body.

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For example, I can’t even do this program because I can’t do 5 reps of any of it. Screenshot_20170730-121824

Then you’re starting too heavy and/or you haven’t adapted a pain tolerance mentality.