Legitimate Site?

anyone ever hear anything about united pharmacy.com?

I’m new to posting but not new to the site. Been powerlifting for 13 years (westside)and my source moved approx. 2 months ago. I know I’m really reaching looking at a foriegn internet site, but I’m getting desperate.(they don’t even spell things right on their site which I thought was a little strange for a so-called professional company) Thanks in advance.

Hey man,
I’ve checked out that site and I can’t guarantee anything, but it looks like its real. If you go to anabolic-steroids.net you’ll see that there are no pictures of the steroids that you can order…but it is legit for sure. I ordered 100 tabs of dianabol naposim and within 10 days it was in my mailbox…yeah I know, I was supprised as hell too.

I have a good friend who gets all his gear from them for a couple years and not a single problem. Stuff is shipped in real odd manner but it gets through.

thanks alot for the info guys, it’s really refreshing to know that there’s a site like this!

Hi Guys,

Any update on this?