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Legitimate Books

Are there any legitimate books out there, that you guys can recomend, that will help out a newbie. Personally I have no intention of starting anything yet, as I know I am not ready.

I am certain that I will at some point in the future as I have debated this topic in my head for well over a year. I just dont feel comfortable with doing anything outside of my knowledge and I need a good place to start.

And yes, I have looked through some of the articles here, I just think I need more info. So any recommndations?

Anabolics 200x by William Llewellyn

the x is cause he written several years with new updates ever year
the newest one is 2007
I have the 2006 one it is good

Yeah, I LOVE my 2007 edition. When is he gonna come out with a new one?

Daniel Duchaine…Underground Steroid Handbook, Its classic!

I have a baaad one.

It is The Steroid Handbook written by Richard C. Daniels.

It contains such beauties such as -

“…The usual dosage is a single 250mg shot per week…” (Sustanon 250)

“…it is the shorter acting, human version, of Finaject…”(Tren Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate)

Still - it got me started all those years ago!