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Legitimacy of Test


Is anyone aware of a way to determine this aside from 'just take it and find out'? I've had friends send stuff off to a lab, but that's just too costly and not time efficient. I have four or five vials of Test E left over from the last cycle, but during that cycle while on Test only, I experienced no strength gains, no weight gains, and little if any testicular atrophy. I did dbol the first 4 weeks, then I think I had 4 weeks of straight test, followed by 4 weeks of winny bridging to PCT- so I definitely know the dbol and winny were legit, but I was suspect of the Test. The person I got it from has since been exposed as sort of a fraud, even though he use to be on the up and up.

I don't mind having to buy more Test, but more so, I don't want to throw out good test.


The other way is to shoot it for a few weeks and get some labs done. If you can get more of the same gear from this source once it's proven legit, and complete a cycle, you haven't wasted it. There are several companies that you can order labs from without a doctor. If your T is in the stratosphere but you're still not making gains, you know you have a training or diet problem.


"Is there any way to find out aside from 'just take it and find out' "

"The other way is to take it for a few weeks..."


Your last sentence made even less sense. Thanks for the help T-Nation. Guess I should've just asked advice on a pro-hormone cycle or oral only cycle instead since apparently those get more replies now.


Given your piss poor attitude, I'm surprised anyone even bothers to read your posts and offer advice at all...

You're probably not getting any help because your question is retarded...what exactly are you hoping for, step by step instructions to setting up your own home test lab in 30 minutes or less?


My question is retarded? How do you figure? You think everybody assumes that every time they get test it's legit? OR is that just something YOU do? Ah, can't imagine why anyone would ever want to know if their stuff is real. I probably wouldn't have a "piss-poor attitude" if I got anything aside from piss-poor responses. So thanks for another great, helpful, and incredibly insightful post. Business as usual- back to helping the kids that don't know the difference between a SERM and an AI now.


No i never doubt the legitimacy of my test because I get it from the pharmacy...lol

I never said your CONCERN was retarded--just the question... you asked "Is anyone aware of a way to determine this aside from 'just take it and find out'?" not "is anyone ever concerned that they don't have legit test?"

Reid proposed a perfectly fine way to tell if it is real or not, and you menstruated all over him...so again, are you hoping for an easy at home test to do in less than an hour?


Again, I asked right off the bat if there was ANOTHER way to determine this aside from taking it for a few weeks...he said to take it for a few weeks. It's like he, and now you, didn't even read the post. Was it really that incomprehensible? I don't get what was so hard to understand about that. I don't see that solution as a very practical way of finding an end result anyway- by having to abandon a cycle three weeks in because it's not good test. That's not going to work very well when you're on other stuff. I'm aware of some 'bro-science' ways of checking some orals, but I don't think those have ever been verified- so is it unreasonable to think that there might be way to test the legitimacy of Test beyond 'trial and error'? Not all of us have the good fortune of being able to get our stuff directly from a pharmacy. Good for you dude.


OK, dickweed...you answered your own question in your first post, anyway. What were you expecting to learn? Sorry I don't have any magic for you. Is there any way to test legitimacy other than taking it or sending it to a lab? I don't know, fairy dust? What the fuck were you expecting to hear?

If you had thought about this for 5 minutes before posting, you wouldn't have bothered asking because the answer would have been clear to you. Yeah, it was a dumb fucking question--as was my response, but that's because I was dumb to respond to you at all.

Done with this thread. Have a nice day.


You don't have to wait a few weeks, just take say 500mg of Testosteron, wait about 2 days and do blood tests, your score should be well above upper range.


Irrelevant at this point. I placed my next order already and will be running Tren E/Test E/Dbol/Winny. I got new Test. Will run Tren/Test at 2:1 ratio; It's my first time with Tren so if I can't handle that I will drop to test only and up the dosage. If I have to do that, I will end up using what's left of the 'questionable test'. Otherwise I have more than enough new good test coming in for the whole cycle.