do these look good to you guys? or are they bogus?

they look like they are legitimately bottles to me? Were they hand crafted?

send them to me and i’ll let you know. seriously bro. there is no way to tell from that pic. some fakes are so good that you cant tell from any pic. take an extreme closeup of the labels and maybe we can help

Norma deca 100mg/ml 2ml vials
Great stuff. I’m currently on my second cycle with it. If you got these from London from a source whos name begins with C, you can trust all his products.

those tend to be real.
Then again the pic is very blury.

in my experience, they tend to be fake…is there a norma logo imprinted onto the bottle behind the label?

I should have stated-they have been real when I goit the from Europe a few years ago. Now who knows-I favor Equipoise…

They look just like the Norma’s (deca) I use to get, but there is no way to tell if they have been tampered with or not. Absolutely no way to be 100% sure under any circumstance.