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Legit Sublingual hCG?


Tomorrow I will be starting Sublingual hCG 250iu ED. These are the not BS homeopathic drops that you buy at CVS that have no active ingredients, but actual compounded hCG in tablet form that is meant to be taken every day. The reason the dosage is the same as the injectable protocol, as explained to me, is because much of the bio-availability is lost to either swallowing part of the tablet or being destroyed by saliva before entering the blood stream (if I'm remembering correctly). The pharmacist said that the absorption rate is approximately 50-80% consistently.

Here's the kicker: it's $1.25 a tab! BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! It can be stored at temperatures not exceeding 70 degrees Fahrenheit (though refrigeration is still recommended) making it much easier to take along while traveling, and it has a shelf life of SIX MONTHS!

So the only downside I'm really seeing on this one is that you don't really know EXACTLY how much you are dosing, but I think that the 250iu stays within the safe range where you won't be burning out those Leydig cells, especially since there's no way you'll be getting 100% absorption anyway.

So, aside from the fact that this is newer and not a lot of guys have tried it, am I missing something? I am really hoping this works out because I am really looking forward to paying $37 a month instead of $90 a month plus the cost of syringes and worrying about what to do if I ever have to leave town.

Anyone have experience with this stuff? Comments?

I don't know the Forum's policy on giving out company information, but the pharmacy accepts legitimate prescriptions and can legally ship to anywhere in the United States for a flat rate of $9 (which includes ice packs).

It's refreshing to know that I can buy more than one months' supply of hCG at a time without most of it expiring.

I'll keep you guys posted on any changes I notice between injectable vs Sublingual.


Keep this log updated, if you don't mind. When I read the title, I immediately called BS, but I was thinking it was one of those "CVS weight loss hCG drops". I travel often and feel your pain on what to do with the vials. I've forgotten them various places more than once.

As for providing company info, we don't list dark side sources on here. If it's legit, no worries on giving contact info.


That's exactly what I thought when the pharmacist said he had sublingual tabs! I think I asked 100 times to make sure they weren't that homeopathic bullshit. I really do hope this stuff pans out, not just because it costs 1/3 of the injectable hCG, but, as you said, the travel issues with liquid is insanely annoying.

I had my first tab this morning. No taste. Took about 5 minutes to completely dissolve, and it didn't make me over salivate so I'm guessing I got most of the medication into my system.


I'm pretty skeptical that this will work, because if it did everyone would be using it, unless it really is some cutting-edge new thing that just came out. I'd be more than happy to make the switch if it does work.

It seems to me that an obvious solution to the traveling problem would be individual packets of hcg powder at (say) 250 or 500 iu, along with individual small bottles of the water. Then people could just mix each dose separately. No refrigeration needed. There would be concerns about keeping things sterile if you tried to separate everything yourself, but maybe a compounding pharmacy could do this.


I was going to do this. Have about five bottles of unconstituted hCG and mix them when I need them. For some reason the pharmacies around me didn't want to do it and the one who did, wanted to charge insane prices.

I'm hoping this is cutting edge and that I'm in on the new thing that will be challenging the established injectables. Or maybe I'll spend a few days with a retracting testicle and pain and come running back to the needle.

Hoping for the former.


Good luck with the sublingual hCG. I looked into this and decided against it. My understanding is that the hCG molecule is too large to be absorbed sublingually...but if it works for you, I'd love to hear about it.


Just got back from vacation and am enjoying the effects of a -8 hour jet lag! During the trip I did NOT suffer any atrophy or pain, and my testicle's size (I only have the one) is pretty much identical to where it was with injectable hCG (I can't tell the difference).

Traveling with these tabs was incredibly easy, though it did help that I went to Ireland where the temperature maxed out at 65 degrees most days, so I was never really concerned that it was ever really going to get too hot (based on what the pharmacist told me about the nature of these tabs).

The last step in this experiment comes some time this week when I go in for blood testing. I will get the bhCG blood test to confirm/not confirm the presence of hCG in my blood stream.


Just an update: I will be getting the bhCG blood test Monday morning and will have the results by the end of next week. I've had such a hard time dealing with the jet lag since I've been back that I've missed the opportunities to get the labs done on the two days a week I need to get them done (on my trough and near-trough days of Monday and Thursday), but I'm back on track and will definitely be able to do it Monday morning.


A pregnancy test kit will also work. If you do a lab and get numbers, just exactly what male reference range are you going to be using?