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Legit MAG-10?

Was taking to a guy @ the gym anout andro.

He told me that he knows of a site where you can still buy MAG-10. I asked if it was the aveneger or destroyer. He said its from Biotest. And the ingrediants say A1E and 4-AD-EC class 1 & 2 androgens. Says the retail is $99 but you can get it for something like $50.

I haven’t taken MAG-10 in a long time. So I dont remember the ingrediants.

But could this stuff be legit?

He said they also sell Biotest 4-AD-EC 4.26 oz. for $30.

What do you guys think?

Sounds exactly like the one i have sitting in my freezer. I prolly will never use it so if anyone wants to make me an offer…

A lot of sites still have it listed but if you try to order, they say it has been discontinued and they are out of stock. Worth a try though. Let us know how you make out.

If it is legit what are the chances of it still being good?

Post the website.

MAG-10 was decent stuff. Just finished a 14 day cycle w/ 150 mgs of Primo ED and had some nice gains.

if ya check ebay…sometimes people have it on there…until it gets yanked… a guy in Quebec had some on there last night…

"If it is legit what are the chances of it still being good? "

It should still be good as long as it wasn’t stored in excessive heat, or allowed moisture to get inside the bottle.