Legit Hydrolysate

I’d like to hear where some of you have gotten legitimate hydrolysate. I’m talking one that is hydrolyzed down to di- and tri-peptides. Not some dumpy 10-30% stuff either. I’m talking good stuff from those with experience.


I am under the impression that a test for “good” hydrolysate is its taste . . . and that taste is apparently attrocious (I.e. battery acid).

From what I understand, BCAAs are the equivilant of hydrolysate so if you want to do a like-for-like test, crack a few pills open in water and have a drink.

As far as finding a good source, in the UK the best protein source we have is myprotein.co.uk. The rest are simply American and Canadian brands that have made the jump overseas.



I’ve used VP-2 by AST before. It was good with sugar in PWO, but by itself was kind of shitty.