Legit Gear??

I just got my hands on some dbol (or at least i think). Stuffs called X-gear, made by Evalesco. Bottle says Methabolic 15. (Methandrostenolone) 100 15mg tablets. Have you guys tried this?? I also got some winstrol. Vial says Stanazol 50, also made by Evalesco. Total content 10ml. micronized stanozolol. 50mg/ml. If this stuff is legit how many vials of the Winstrol would i need for a beginner cycle? Ive done a cycle of sustanon 250 redi-jects a year ago with good results and im wondering if i should just take that again instead. For athletic performance. (I know its 3 questions but i appreciate you time). thx

Just google the source and lab names to check if it’s legit.

You’re not seriously asking to see if a source is for real out in the open, are you?

Nucking Fewbies…

I dont like to attempt to give advice to people that likley arent ready for steroids as it seems to be with this guy.

To the OP… we know nothing about your training history, diet, gains over time, goals, details of previous cycle. For athletic performance is pretty vague.

The other thing I dont understand here is lately everyone is freaking out when a lab name is mentioned. He didnt say where he got it or ask if the source was legit. Just if gear made by that company was any good or not. If im wrong then fine… but i see no problem with a lab name being questioned if they are legit or not.

If you have the lab name all you need is to pump into a search engine. Evalesco is an UGL. Never used it my self but have heard others talk about it