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Legit Anavar Still Around?

i was just wondering if it was still possible to find legit anavar.

no we only buy the fake stuff

So according to your avatar, you are a skinny little thing, yet you want Var… i hope you are in a weight restricted sport!

yes i am thanks alot lol i wrestle and im not implying you guys buy fake stuff the reason i ask is because i heard BD went out of biz. why do you guys have to attack me on such a simple question. but thanks for the replys anyways.

cause it was a stupid question. BD did go out of business and now its back but not the same. It is a highly counterfeited name brand so you should probably trust your source a lot before buying. Aside from that there are other brands of gear besides BD.

ok thanks for the response but it wasnt a stupid question to me i wasnt totaly aware of all that. i knew there were other brands but i thought var was extremly rare.

its not rare. its weak. do yourself a favour get some testosterone and put some meat on your bones bro…

ya - as a wrestler and in a weight category, you are either too damn tall or you need to jump a couple categories!


yeah im kind of tall but thanks for all the input

are you wearing ‘Spongebob’ underwear???

hellz yeahz spongebob is tight lol and yeah you guys are prob right i could stand to add a few pounds but im in a weight div i like and have strict nutrition plan in order to stay there i just thought var would be the best choice for the strength and quality muscle gains. thanks again

Just use Carbolin 19, it is better.

[quote]EstoVir wrote:
Just use Carbolin 19, it is better.[/quote]

That is good but I heard about this stuff called Food-a-Drol. Supposed to be the best thing for young wrestlers who shouldn’t be cycling gear yet.


thanks but im a collegiate wrestler im not that young but you may be right i just like to keep my options open. and thanks for the advise about Carbolin 19 EstoVir ill look into that.

yes i like Metabolic Drive Surge is good to.

I’ve looked at the Carbolin 19 page and it looks good im going to try that for now thanks for all the help from everyone.

Carbolin 19? I thought it was just Carbolin 19?

[quote]Makavali wrote:
Carbolin 19? I thought it was just Carbolin 19.[/quote]

you smoke too much. if it is possible to smoke too much, you have accomplished it, i feel.

WTF? It only had one 19 when I posted it.

Wow…people on here claim to be intelligent but are so biased. HE IS IN A WEIGHT RESTRICTED SPORT…whatever his height…it obviously works out well for him to be in that weight class…he wrestles at the college level. As for your questions…I recommend you ask around and such and find a powder source of anavar…get a decent scale and cap them yourself…truthfully.

If BD were still around or…w.e. any of those UG’s …you mean to tell me you could afford the price of a good run with var. Doubt that. I have used anavar before myself…a powder source of it. Capped it myself and whatnot…was not expensive in the least. Last time I checked you can get 5 grams of anavar powder for around 90$.

Also…I went up to 100mg a day of var…and didn’t feel much until around 75mg a day. And at the time I wasn’t looking to gain anything but strength and endurance either…I gained both. All my major lifts went up very significantly. I gained about as much weight as I normally would with the amount of food I was eating. …yea…