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why can’t they just be legal cigarettes and alcohol is. Surely adoctors prescription blood level testing provides safety and accountability, safe and effective use of steroids has been shown to be beneficial hasn’t it?

I agree, they can be beneficial. Unfortunately, they have a negative stigma due to people that jump on with no knowledge, messing themselves up bad, and the kids who start up, knowing nothing about ancillaries and pct, and end up with breasts bigger than their sister’s. You can still see examples of this all over the net and lots on this site, even. I wish I had a quarter for every thread that read something similar to,

“Help! I started my first cycle and now I have gyno… what’s PCT?”

with the obesity epidemic going on in the states i think we are going to see hrt start to become more common, even with youger people (20’s and 30’s). these mcdonalds eating fatties have a far higher risk of health problems than even the moderate to extreme juice users who have low bf.

it’s gonna take a while for the medical community to accept hrt fully but once that happens the public will start coming around to ‘medically tested and approved cycles’ as a safe means of increasing lbm and decreasing bf. it just too bad we aren’t there yet.

not to hijack, but dont you think that if steroids were sold commercially with PCT and instructions it would be legal?

no i don’t think they’d be legal because people are morons. There will always be idiots who don’t follow the directions and ruin it for everyone else.

The only way they will ever be legal is if they are distributed, possibly administered, and supervised by medical doctors/personel. Otherwise there is way too much opportunity for abuse. There would still be ample abuse even if it was strictly controlled but it would be a similar level of abuse that we see now (if a guy wants to shoot tons of androgens he’ll figure it out). You would have the added benifit that there would be quality control (no bad batches or fake gear). Money going to drug companies instead of blackmarket.

They are legal. Controlled, but legal.
The best thing that could happen is that medical professionals compile enough empiracle evidence for their use that it becomes a foregone conclusion that they are good and usefull. That is happening now with the movement in HRT.

The worst thing that could happen at this point is that they become unregulated and people have free unmonitord access to them.

Honest question. We’ve all seen the thoroughly idiotic questions, and even more unfortunately, initiated cycles of uninformed users, often teenagers on the steroids forum. As a controlled, legal substance, do you think that more people who have no business using would have an easier time getting their hands on them than currently? I’m undecided. But I tend to think so.

Even if they were made legal it wouldnt make a difference to guys like us. I’m pretty sure there arent too many doctors that are going to prescribe a gram of test per week, along with 50mg each of tren and winny…

as i said before you would have the same level of abuse, just have better access to legit drugs rather than gear from UGLs. It would be legally prescribed and then diverted to other users.