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Legalize Weed, Outlaw Spice



What are you doing Brewer how can you legalize one and then outlaw it's alternative?


It is called compromise, people see spice as the new killer drug. So they give people weed and take this away.






Spice needs to be outlawed.I personally know someone who recently lost their life because of it. Very sad story.


I personally knew people whp got killed by a car, those need to be outlawed to.

And bathtubs, electricity and power tools.

Wait, no power tools without electricity...


Damn, you nailed it. In my line of work I see death caused from legalized pharmaceuticals frequently. I do not however, see the same self-righteous and emotional argument against these substances. Death is caused from an infinite number of things but unless a political agenda is purchased and active, a blind (well payed) eye is turned.


I think the nanny state does not go far enough.

Obviously the problem is death or dire health consequences, be it drugs or anything else.

I say, we just outlaw death, that way it can never, ever happen and everybody is happy.


We should also outlaw sadness.


and poverty..comrade