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Legalize Steriods!!

yo, is there anything we can do to start a rally to get steriods legal OR at least how they use to be in the 80’s, which was in the control of Doctors. Them being a class 3 drug is absolutely ridiculous. I figured I would hopefully spark a fire on this forum…then get the support of T-mag…which will get the support of other mags, whcih will spread the word…then soon meatheads and athletes of the world will unit and bombard congress and the people will be heard the bill will be passed!!! AMEN! ( can you feel my energy on that speech)


unfortunatly we are the minority. it is hard to be an activist without opening yourself up to scrutiny. that is the kind of attention i dont want. the only real change would have to come through the medical community.

Balco just put the possibility of the legalization of steroids back 25 years.

Yeah between the Balco/THG incident and Bush there is not much of a chance to get them legalized!

…well then boys…then we must eliminate our obstacles…WHOS WITH ME!

the only way to make real change is with our vote. and since arnold cant run for pres i dont see many prosteroid candidates out there for the big job. seriously though, i feel the best way to make an impact is by starting on the local level. maybe there are some places out there where one of us(the prosteroid crowd) could get elected. then build on that.

write a letter to arnold.

Right now, politically, the bandwagon is very much anti-steroids.

What can be done? Good question.

I don’t think it helps any when BBonds and all the other baseball players/athletes who use lie through their teeth about taking drugs. I realize they basically have no choice but everyone knows they’re lying. The public perception is that steroids are illicit and harmful drugs and this perception cannot be easily changed.

Okay, my question is: Why do you give half a rat’s ass whether or not they’re legal? I spent my early years trying to fight or change the system.

Today I realize that the people making the laws and running the system are just average ordinary people (sheeple to borrow a T-mag term). If I ever wonder how smart they are I just have to look in my fucking toilet that’s clogged because some assmunch in Washington decided a good way to save water would be to legislate how much water can be used per flush. The sheer irony of having to flush 6-8 times to clear the bowl kills me.

So back to Steroids. It would be nice if they’re legal, sure, but I see the battle as futile. The army would attack it head-on, incur all sorts of casualties to take an objective deep inside enemy territory. The Delta Force would just drop in, take what they want, and leave.

Some people may feel that this is a battle they choose to fight and worth their time, more power to them, that’s fine. Personally, the legality of it bothers me about as much as a speed limit.

Or you could just move to Canada. Up here posession and personal use is in no way illegal.

Hella Mud Dog, I’m glad I live here too.

We also need to look at a different perspective here. Smuggling drugs into North America from overseas is a HUGE money maker for the government.

Don’t kid yourself, the government knows all about these big shipments. Can you honestly tell me that drugs exist in this continent because people are sneaking them in?? Come ON!! We are talking about millions and MILLIONS of drugs in every shape, size, and type. MILLIONS!! These people in power are not so blind.

Another question to ask yourself is, why are some pharmaceutical companies still producing drugs that have no medicinal purposes anymore? Because those drugs produced are for athletes, bodybuilders, and any other individual associated with the sports industry. Drugs make MONEY!!

This issue really pisses me off. Anyone can get all the plastic surgery one wants. Gay men/women can get sex changes, but we can’t get a little extra “help” and we bust are ass in the gym. The laws make no sense.


Yeah, I hope everyone in congress fuckin dies. They don’t know what is important in life…

It is good to see someone that has such valiant efforts but that does not get the job done. We are outnumbered and will be until society as a whole changes it’s opinions and views. See steroids don’t matter to the average Joe. Until he needs them medically he could give a shit less about them. Yes, he is that sheeple that Warhorse said and that person will believe everything he ever reads in the media abut how bad they are UNTIL he needs them to help him for some unforseen medical reason or any other reason that would require steroid treatment. THEN and only then would his opinion change. We know the truths of steroids only because we do the research. How many others are willing to do this research and even if you did the research for them not many people are going to take the time to find out if you are telling them the truth because most of them really don’t care and have already formed negative opinions of steroid usage. This is the same issue with gun control. They want to take guns away but every study says that the more citizens you give concealed weapons permits to the crime rate actually drops. The gun control freaks say but shootings go up with the issue of more concealed weapons permits. Of coarse they go up because citizens are now shooting at criminals to protect themselves and that’s the stats the gun control freaks don’t tell you. So it’s a dead issue here. We are outnumbered and until society as a whole becomes alot less igonorant we don’t have a snowballs chance in hell but you get an A+ for effort I will give you that much.

Once a year or so some young idealist on various boards has this great idea to start a grass roots campaign to legalize steroids. Good luck, but I am disengaged from the whole issue.

Unfortunately I am with horse on this one… I just don’t have the time or effort to do a fuckin thing about it. However, look at the bright side, there is enough competition within underground steroid sources that it’s like a free market economy in its own. We’re not getting fucked here, unless we get caught. I proline’s price goes up, I get trenfactor… if his price goes up, I go IP. It’s very simple… and no one is going to raid you for personal use. Now, the idea that the government is aware and apathetic to the smuggling of drugs is absolutely absurd. The prevention of this smuggling is the sole interest (and only source of income) for thousands of people. Do you think they want to miss their big bust because those drugs illicit some underground spike of the gross domestic product? Seriously… come on now.


The government would not want the drug “problem” to go away completely because the “drug war” employs thousands and thousands of people that would be out of work.

Btw, if any of you have never seen “Traffic” rent it - it’ll give you a fresh perspective.

good point horse. they call it a war on drugs. does anybody honestly think they are really attacking this “problem”? of course not. hell, we can invade one of the ten largest armies, half a world away and kick the shit out of them in a matter of a week or so. taking total control of there country. a perfect example is columbia. they export the overwhelming majority of cocaine right? how hard would it be for our boys to control that country and its exports? exactly. it would be a piece of cake. besides being politically impossible, we simply dont want to “stop” it. i believe alot of diseases fall into this category as well. how many people would be unemployed if all cancers were cured tomorrow? scary aint it?

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shoot roids everday!!!

I agree, steroids should be legal. However, if you actually believe it’s going to happen, you need to wake up. HHH, it’s got nothing to do with Bush or Republicans for that matter. I didn’t see Clinton pushing to get them legalized either.