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Legality Question

is it legal to actually take steroids? I know it is against the law to posses or sell them; however, is it illegal to take them. ie if i had a drug test for probation and failed it for steroids would that be a violation of an actual law?

Also, would a standard probation drug test show the presence of say winstrol or deca? (for a non drug related offense) I am under the impression that they use the dipstick test for the common 5 drugs like extasy, cocaine, weed, etc… This is the test I get…do you think ill be ok doing a cycle?

Probation tests don’t test for steroids. You would be fine.

Actually depending on the circumstance that put you in probation, they do test for steroid use.

i was put on probation for a third degree felony of scheme to defraud. However i still get standard dipstick drugtests

hope this helps

Unfortunately I have a few friends on probation and they just get tested for pot, opiates, etc… not steriods.

If your really worried just ask whoever is performing the test what they check for.

Well the person who gives me the test is my probation officer, and he is pretty darn strict. I would not really want to ask him what they are testing for because that would seem to me to create suspiscion. I was just wondering if anyone knew this for sure. What threw me through a loop was that I did not have a drug offense at all; however, I was still given a drug test when i started probation. I havent only had that one, and it was during the first week…i havent had one since and it has been 5 months. Advise :wink: thanks!

Don’t worry about being tested for steroids. The tests are extremely complex and expensive to conduct. They have to check for every drug individually and there are a lot of them. Unless you were busted for steroids or you plan on going to the olympics, they are not looking for these drugs. The tests are just too cost prohibitive. I’ve heard it can cost up to $1000 for a comprehensive steroid test.

This might make you feel even better. I was busted for trafficking in steroids along with a weed charge, a fake script charge, a PI charge and a paraphenalia charge. i was on a monster cycle of omnadren/d-bol halfway through probation when my officer gave me my first test. came out clean as a whistle. they use the standard five or nine panel drug screens aka the dipsticks. weed, coke, benzos, amphetamines, barbituates, blah blah, no juice testing and i was even busted for roids

In Canada it is legal to have steroids for personal use. It is only illegal to traffic them, and import them.