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Legality of Velcro Belts?


I would have asked this in the stickied threads, but it looks like those are mostly for reviews.

I'm having a hard time figuring out whether or not the belt I have been using for training will be a legal belt in certain federations (SPF specifically).

I use the Spud deadlift belt: (edit link) http://www.flexcart.com/members/elitefts/default.asp?m=PD&cid=299&pid=2840

In SPF's rule book it says the following:

I see what is allowed, but I'm trying to understand if that means that my belt is not allowed.

If it's not allowed, what belt do you think would replace the Spud well without screwing me up completely?


I would say that (d) rules out the spud belt, by inference only a buckle or lever is allowed.


My friend used one in the APA fwiw.


Check out the rehband strongman belts, got one a few months ago and LOVE it.


I would almost guarantee that belt is legal in the SPF. Email the meet director to be sure.


My man wore his Spud belt in a UPA meet a few weeks ago. No problem. It was always my understanding that multi-ply feds are really anything goes feds...


Okay, so I've gotten a few conflicting answers, though more on the "legal" side. theuofh sounds the most sure about his answer though. I decided to email the meet director and I'm waiting on a response.

I'll post again when I get an answer in case anyone else needs it one day.

Thanks for the help!


How do you enjoy that belt btw? Im in the need of one?


Not to troll, but what was the rationale in buying that belt over a lever or pronged belt? I've never seen anyone use one of these.


Easier to adjust, virtually no break in time, cheaper, more comfortable...


e definately allows it


How did stronghold do at the meet?


I like the belt a lot. I haven't used many before this one, but the ones I have used jabbed me in the ribs during deadlift, which would kill the lift from the start. Past it just being comfortable, it is very stable and helps me a lot with creating pressure in my stomach. It hasn't done anything bad yet, if that's a credible argument?

What buckeye girl said. It's very comfortable. I've never had to break in a belt, so I can't compare that, but there isn't a difference between the first day and now (in a good way).

I haven't heard back from the meet director yet. The meet in question isn't until February though.


Pretty sure you will be fine. At the last meet i did (SPF 10/23/2010) a guy used that belt DLing and nobody said a thing.


Pretty sure you will be fine. At the last meet i did (SPF 10/23/2010) a guy used that belt DLing and nobody said a thing.


He emailed me back. I asked him if it was legal, not if it was illegal, and he sent back, "Yes it is, and that is coming from the top."

So, cool. I don't have to spend another $50 for a meet belt.

Thanks for the responses!


Not to hijack, but to answer your question...he said he would have rather bombed than have that total next to his name. I'm not a fan of excuses about shitty judging, but a trio of blind, retarded chimps could have done better.


Thats the UPA, APF ans SPF for you, I'm an AAPF guy, but the local meets and sometimes the big meets they just give shit away. My last meet I should have bombed in the bench. I could feel my ass come off.