Legality of Non-Prescription Clomid?

Does anyone know the legalities of ordering clomid, or proviron, or anastrozole online without a script to california?

Clomid and Anastrozole can be acquired as research chemicals. Proviron is an actual steroid and is much less legal per se

So… just to be completely clear… If I ordered said compounds through an online pharmacy how bad is it? I mean i know its not a schedule III drug or anything but what if any problems can i expect to face… sorry im paranoid…

It’s definitely a gray area (ie. the acquisition of AI’s and SERMs for your rodents). Generally I don’t think purchasers have too much to worry about though; it’s a relatively minor issue and it’d involve a lot more effort to prove, as compared to the various viagra meds etc… being distributed all over the country every day without a proper prescription.

The owners of the research chemical companies are certainly running quite a significant risk, mind you.

This probably isn’t the game to be in if you’re overly paranoid.

I think as far as this AAS stuff goes, unless you are a dealer, you only really are risking anything serious if you are purchasing large amounts of powder for home-brewing purposes. I say this because I could easily see someone getting pinned for intent to distribute if they found grams of powder in your house and equipment for brewing. I doubt that from a law enforcement perspective busting someone for buying a few vials of gear is worth pursuing. Though, I’m no lawyer so I guess I’m just talking out of my ass.

Buying research chems is even safer. In fact, I think I remember reading a thread where a guy got pulled over and the cop confiscated a bottle of liquid Nolva that he had or something to take back for testing and they ended up not charging him with anything.

If you’re REALLY paranoid, just buy a rat to keep at home and a lab coat ;). Same reason why I keep a glove and ball right next to the baseball bat on the backseat of my car - it changes the perceived intent.

Well thanks everyone for the info… and being paranoid is why i have been in the game since '01 and havent had problems…