legality of ephedrine hcl


Is it legal to buy ephedrine hcl through the internet?

After the ephedra ban, I guess I’ll buy pharmaceutical ephedrine and caffeine… but I don’t want problems with the law.


yes its legal. you can still by ephedra based products all over the place in no-cal.

Ephedrine HCL is legal but currently under “monitered” status. You can buy it, but if you buy it in large lots–think pallets full, not buying a couple boxes of primatene–the DEA will keep your name and number on file, just in case you’re cooking glass. Unless you’re ordering in bulk, it’s cool.

where are you guys buying it from? any good, reliable, cheap internet sites that will send out of the USA?
I used to buy from Netrition but the no longer carry any eph-ies