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Legal Way to Purchase/Use Gear

A friend of mine who is a prison guard was concerned about their new drug testing and needed to get a script, so he did the following.

In the back of some magazines, muscular development for sure, there are ads selling hgh and roids. What happens is you respond, a “doctor” does either a telephone history and physical, or will e-mail you one. He may or may not require that you go to a local agency and have bloodwork taken. After that, he will send you a prescription and a price list. You will pay out the ass for this, probably $500 for the physical, but you are now legally able to posess and use these drugs. I have seen the list, and the have it all, winny, deca, A-50, all tests, everything. If you have the money, it’s a safe route.

Just so you know one of these popular companies (Powermedica) was raided in Fla. by the FDA. There were several newspaper articles on it. I’m not sure of the outcome or exactly what they were investigated for, but several buddies of mine who are in sensitive occuppations did exactly what your corrections officer buddy did thinking they would be ok, and now they’re all sh*tting bricks. It also said in the articles that officers from the Broward County Sheriffs Dept. were placed on restricted duty because they were on the customer lists and now being investigated. Many people I know purchased from this company and they are very reliable. Supposedly they are still in business and it was just a misunderstanding. I wish someone could actually get the bottom line on these types of companies regarding the legalities because I’m very interested in using one myself. Maybe Rick Collins would know.