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Legal Troubles

Hi, this is my first time posting. Ive been lurking around here for quite some time, and thoroughly enjoy all of the informative posts, as well as the flamings. Ive never cycled steroids. I am 180 lbs, pretty lean, six pack when training hard, 455 dead, 370 squat, 275 bench best ever lifts nothing spectacular. 30 yo, 5’11". Can easily get to 210-215 naturally, but have not been lifting for mass for a bit due to recent knee surgery, and other various joint issues.

I feel that I will be ready soon, following a natural heavy lifting cycle. Ive trained since 18, with occasional layoffs of a month or so. Anyways, I think I have a solid online source, which I ordered some sexual aides from to test them out, to see how discreet everything is. Ive read a few comments here and there about legal specifics related to getting caught for possession.

Some say that if u are caught, u will receive a letter saying that your product has been seized and you need to pick it up, in which case you obviously would not do so. Ive read others say that they tap the package and wait for you to open it, before raiding you. Id like to hear some members experiences with these issues, and also what to look out for or keep in mind when ordering from an online source.

Im not going to order immediately or anything, just beginning to plan. The 2 on 4 off theory seems to really interest me, I would just want something to get me through plateaus on occasion while lifting heavy, or leaning. Not ready to post a proposed cycle yet, will do so when ready. If I posted right now what is in my head, I would get a huge flaming :). But for shits and giggles, 2weeks- anavar 60 mg, dianabol 20-30 mg with arimidex and pct with nolva.

To avoid shutdown as much as possible (and Bonez can tear that statement apart). Also considering 2 weeker of high dose primo with low dose dbol (maybe 800 mg weekly dose primo). But my cycle ideas will change, or not, and are not ready for proposal yet.

If customs catches your package they will seize it and might send you a letter. Worst that might happen is you’ll have to order from a different address in the future. They aren’t going to come knocking down your door unless it looks like you are a big time drug dealer.

my friend he got a letter telling him to quit something like that but they still gave him the stuff

Another thing about online ordering, Ive been reading on some discussion boards and many people are saying that a certain site is a scam, and some are claiming great results. Anything to look out for, regarding legitimacy? Any PMs would be appreciated. There is one that i have ordered other drugs, not steroids from, with no problems, but now they have to restock and it will be a little while.

Thanks for the input, guys. I was kindof thinking the first package, when the time comes, I would be afraid to open LOL.

It would be very hard for anyone to prove you intended to receive something illegal or not. Just because a package came to your address and you open it does not make you guilty. Dont keep records of anything.