Legal to Do this in a Powerlifting Meet?

the guy uses his legs to take his ass way off the bench. it makes sense, i obviously dont have to tell you guys it decreases his range of motion and allows him to use more weight, but it looks like cheating big time.

so could you do that in a powerlifting meet, or are you suppost to keep your butt on the bench?

His butt is on the bench he’s just flexing his glutes to make his arch as big as possilbe, so yes it is legal

oh wow, fooled me. it looked like his but was at least a foot off the bench, maybe my eyes are bad or its an optical illusion like he said “magic”

“This guy” is Dave Tate. Hehe.

[quote]jjackkrash wrote:
“This guy” is Dave Tate. Hehe. [/quote]

I was waiting for someone to point out who “this guy” is…

As long as they’re touching you’re good. If you want to get into powerlifting learn who Dave Tate is.

I often get accused of this beacuse of the amount of leg drive I use. However, part of my butt always stays in contact with the bench. I guess when you see all of my hamstrings come off it can be quite decieving. In all my years lifting I have never been called for having my butt come off the bench and the judges watch closely. I guess having a butt the size of two spalding basketballs helps.

^^ This is very exciting that we have this famous lifting person posting around here. I feel a lil star struck, heh.

“this guy”…oh jesusfuckingtittiechrist that made my weekend !

Just a big butt. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have terrible form but when some have seen my video they’ve immediately said I have my butt off the bench. What they don’t realise is I have a J.Lo ass.

Who is Dave Tate?

^^^ He was the hero in Atlas Shrugged.

Isn’t Dave telling people to bench with a curved bar path nowadays?

Yes he is. Which shows that he has learned and modified his thoughts on it.