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Legal Testoserone?

Test 250 is said to be 7 time more anabolic than regular testosterone, and legal! How is this possible? Is it all hype? Is this forreal? (I read about it in Anabolic Insider.)

Oh man, that’s too funny. Let me guess, it’s made my Impact? This stuff sucks and uses every dirty trick in the book. And isn’t that newsletter you’re talking about the one who was going to get sued by T-mag for stealing their training articles and publishing them under someone elses name? Beware. That newsletter and the supplements they push are the laughing stock of the industry. Almost as bad as VPX!

Dude, get some MAG-10 and keep your nose out of that gutter mag.

How do people like this just stumble onto this website?

It’s not. They’re full of shit!

From what I have read and heard, Jeff Summers is a ficticous character who has stolen other peoples work and research and advertises it as if it is own. I would not trust anything from anabolic insider as this “person” is being sued by numerous parties.

Pretty much what I thought. I never even remember subscribing for the shit. It just came in the mail a couple days ago, so I took it with me to my doctors appointment to have something to read while I waited. That’s when I saw the Test 250 article. The whole newsletter is cheesy, to say the least.

Impact sucks the big one! They make crazy label claim and they have completely ghett products. VPX on the otherhand is not bad at all. I have used thier stuff and i have used biotest products. Both are very good.