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Legal Teen Drinking in Wisconson


Found this to be quite interesting this morning.


5 DUI's before its a felony in Wisconson.....who ever came up with this one needs to be shot.

I dont find as big a problem with the underage supervised drinking...unless they decide to go for a drive.

So what is everyone else's thoughts???


Underaged supervised drinking is legal, i'm pretty sure, in australia too.

That 5 DUI rule is pretty crazy though, i sure wish they had that here. (not that we have felonies)


I'm moving to Wisconsin!

Cheese and booze... what more could I ask for?


I live here...

Moved to Milwaukee from Chicago back in 1999. There's 5 bars on every street corner; 6 in small towns.

If drinking were an Olympic event, Wisconsin would be guaranteed a Bronze. We might even Silver if Germany and Ireland tied one on the night before the event.


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The 5 DUI's is a little crazy, but I always assumed the supervised underage drinking was pretty much the same everywhere.

It's not like a kid and his parent can just walk into any bar though and get a drink. They danced around this in the video, but it's at the bartender's discretion. A lot of bars just won't serve minors no matter what, especially in the cities. Also, some bars will serve your child, but you need to prove it's your child. I don't know many people that carry around birth certificates. Maybe an insurance card would work?

The truth is, it's uncommon for minors to actually be drinking in a bar. Maybe in the rural bars where nobody cares and everybody knows each other, but it doesn't happen in the cities.


i think it a good idea.

the longer you wait to hold something off and say ok you can do it now the more theyre going to want to over indulge.

i remember talking about this stuff in psychology class and going over how some Nordic country would just educate their students earlier on and allow drinking/marijuana because it takes away the stigma/tabu of it.

i think its a great idea that they have their parents supervise. lets be real here, in other countries you can walk into a bar at 15 with NO parent and get sloshed, at least there you have someone chaperoning you.

the 5 DUI's is silly though, isnt drunk driving one of the leading causes of death in the US?

and everywhere is at the server's disgression..who else's is going to be? it all falls back on them anyway so if you go out and get into an accident or drive with an expired license the bar is liable. what do they think that theres cops at every bar deciding who gets shut off or not? lol


seems like youre being sarcastic here.

but the fact is America has the worst drug and alcohols problems and its likely because of how hard we try to restrain them from the public, jesus christ we OUTLAWED alcohol at one point.

america = bullshit


The 5 DUI thing is out of hand, and every police report has at least one repeat DUI.

I thought the drink with your parents law as everywhere? News to me. I don't think I've ever seen it before though. I know lots of people who allow they kids to drink at home(they are all over 18), but I've never really seen it happen at a bar before.

I don't think any parent wants to be seen in public allowing their 16 year old to do shots or something.




Those talking heads made my head hurt with their feigned bullshit emotions


Actually, you're half right. Wisconsin is nearly 85% German, which is the largest population of Germans outside of Germany.

The 2nd largest ethnic population in Wisconsin is Polish, at about 7%.

I fall in the 7% category...

Good stuff.


This is one of my biggest problems with todays society. It's been proven that America has awful drinking problems, and a lot points to the fact that it's so taboo, whereas like you said, in other countries it's no big deal. Anytime you put a "forbidden fruit" idea around anything, people are going to want to try it, especially young people. My only thing with this is, I think it should be 18, not any age. In theory, a parent in Wisconsin could take their 13 year old out for a few beers with dinner? Fuck that.

I agree. When I was in high school, we snuck around our parents to drink and it seems that something always happened, whether it was someone ended up puking their guts out, something was broken, or someone woke up the next morning hating their best friend. Senior year, when some parents stopped giving a shit and let 25 of my friends hang out in the basement and drink all night, hardly anything ever happened. Plus, you knew if you were in that basement that night, you were NOT driving home.

This isn't "silly," this is the most fucking retarded thing I've heard in a long ass time, and that's saying a lot. Fuck, in third grade we'd get in trouble after three strikes for whispering to our friend. Here, we have people driving drunk and they get FOUR chances before they get a felony on their record for doing one of the most dangerous (and endangering to others) things you can possibly do. Mind boggling.

I couldn't give two shits if someone wants to get in a car and drive drunk if no one else was around them, but this situation isn't the reality. When someone gets in a car drunk and decides to drive around and potentially endanger myself or family, friends, or other responsible people, then I have a huge problem with it. So should the state of Wisconsin.


most 13 year olds dont want to drink beer anyway.

then you have a waiter/bartender's disgression to serve. i work in a sports bar so i have the bar and resturaunt all in one and trust me once people start acting too drunk they get shut off right away, and its a laid back place too. no one would serve a 13 year more than a beer..if that. shit, im 21, 200 pounds and i get buzzed off a Guiness, yes ONE (i hardly drink anymore).

when i was 13 my family would always let me try their drinks when we went out.

like i said alcohol is an acquired taste anyway and i doubt these kids who live off of Coke and Mountain Dew are gonna have the pallete to drink even a light beer.

and AGAIN no one is going to let a kid get drunk, maybe theyre 16 or 17, you want a beer? fine who cares. youre telling me an 18 year old cant have a damn beer but he can jump out of a plane with an M16 in a warzone?

the other thing that bugs me is that when you ban alcohol you make the window for hardcore drugs much bigger. cant find anyone to get you beer? its alright cause you can call Joey who sells synthetic heroin and he really doesnt give a shit if you can drink, drive, or buy cigarettes.

education is the answer. you let kids know early on what it is, how much they should drink and hell if theyre gonna go buckwild with it let them get it out of their system early.

i was drinking when i was 16-17 years old, bad too, i drank cheap $10 for a half gallon of Vodka stuff. drank it every day. was it smart? no. was it good that my friends mom bought it for us anytime and didnt care how much we drank? no. but i was 17 then out of school, no job, nothing so it wasnt like i had anything to compromise either. i stayed sober for a year after because i didnt like how i acted when i was really drunk. now here i am 21, school, job, the whole 9 and i might have a couple beers in a WEEK if im lucky.

i still have half a bottle of Jager in my fridge from Haloween i havent touched. i actually wonder if its still there??

point is that if youre gonna be a fool with alcohol its better to do it under the supervision of a RESPONSIBLE adult and not when youre in at your first year of college, dont know what the fuck to do with the lack of supervision except get piss drunk every night like i did back when i was a kid, except now you can get expelled from school or wind up in jail.


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you...use...a lot...of dots...do you ...think ..it makes...you...look...smart...?


Relax and have a beverage girls.


i can have a beverage anytime i please...WITH NO ADULT SUPERVISION WOOOOOOOOO!


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Maybe a glass of Asti on new years or a beer at a Friday fish fry or at a graduation party is about the only underage drinking I can recall in public. I never realized this is only in Sconny. And it is definitely NOT a common occurance. Many bars and restaurants have a policy against this and won't serve minors under any circumstance.

BTW binge drinking is generally defined as having 5 or more drinks at one sitting. So if you have 5 drinks at a dinner party or watching a football game with your buddies, congratulations, you are now a binge drinker.

Wisconsin Fines and Penalties

First offense OWI / DUI is a forfeiture violation subject to a fine of $150 to $300, plus an OWI surcharge of $355, and license revocation from 6 to 9 months, except first offense OWI with a BAC of .08 or more, but less than .10, there is no surcharge or other additional fees.
Second offense OWI / DUI has a fine range of $350 to $1,100 plus the $355 surcharge, jail from 5 days to 6 months, and license revocation from 12 to 18 months.
Third offense OWI / DUI has a fine range of $600 to $2000, plus the $355 surcharge, jail from 30 days to 1 year, and license revocation from 2 to 3 years.
Fines for third and subsequent OWI / DUI offenses are increased according to the prohibited alcohol concentration as follows:
.17 - .199 = double fine ($1,200 - $4,000)
.20 - .249 = triple fine ($1,800 - $6,000)
.25 and above = quadruple fine ($2,400 - $8,000)
Fourth offense OWI / DUI has a fine range of $600 to $2,000, plus the $355 surcharge, jail from 60 days to 1 year, and license revocation from 2-3 years.
Fifth and subsequent OWI / DUI is a felony offense. There is a mandatory minimum fine of $600 but not more than $2,000, plus the $355 surcharge, imprisonment of not less than 6 months or more than 5 years, and a license revocation of 2 to 3 years.
Fines, jail time, and revocation/suspension periods are all doubled for a person convicted of OWI / DUI when a person under age 16 is in the vehicle at the time of the offense.
All OWI / DUI offenses carry six demerit points, except chemical test refusals, and if convicted, a mandatory alcohol assessment/evaluation to determine the nature and extent of their alcohol problems.