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Legal Steriods Question


What are these legal steriods? How can they be legal. I deleted the source after reading a few other post saying not to list them. Their everywhere though. Can anyone help me with this? Do legal steriods work anywhere near as good as steriods?


Before the flaming begins bro, I'll go ahead and be honest with you.

There is no such thing as a legal steroid. Period.

There are legal prohormone products like Super Mastervol, that contain the exact same compound as the already banned superdrol. The vast majority of these products are grossly ineffective and have nasty side effects. Hell, I know one guy who got some gyno from running Methyl 1D for a long time.

The only legal way in the USA to procure and use steroids is with a doctor's presciption. This is typically done for HRT reasons.


"Legal Steroids" are a specific line of supplements that are complete shit. They are marketed towards uneducated people who don't know the difference between real winstrol and winny-v, deca durabolin and deca durabolan, etc. They are mad expensive to boot.


birth control pills(estrogen/progesteroneergen orsomething) are steroids, so is cholesterol, but they arent anabolic. so they wont make you bigger.
Why is it OK for woman to take steroids to not get pregnant, but if a guy(or girl) wants to take steroids to get bigger its a problem? thats super lame


ummm, are estrogen/progesterone considered steroids?? I know they are sex hormones, but I don't think they are steroids there buddy...


There is here, lol.


Actually, buddy, yes they are. Look up the definition of a steroid. A steroid is any chemical structure that contains 3 linked 6 membered rings linked with a 5 membered ring. This is known as the "steroid skeleton". The carbons of the skeleton are numbered 1-17 according to the IUPAC rules. Estrogen and progesterone are both constructed from the backbone of the steroid skeleton. If you want to see the exact linkage of the rings I'm sure you can look it up, but there is no point stating something that you are completely ignorant of...

In advance, sorry if I came off as an asshole there. I'm an organometallic chemist (or rather, still a student), and chemical ignorance is my pet peeve.


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