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Legal Question


What would happen legally if you were caught trying to buy a supplement such as MAG-10?

Also what would happen if you were caught trying to sell a supplement such as MAG-10?

I was wondering this the other day, and thought it would be interesting to find out.


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honestly, i don't think there is any real law enforecement agent that cares. most likely, if any company got caught selling, they would be fined or something like that. but an individual selling it....well, i wouldn't even know what to charge someone with...so who knows? the likelihood of getting hemmed up on something like that is probably pretty low...



i forgot oto mention....AAS are considered class III controlled substances, which makes possession a felony. i assume that the prohomrones are or will be categorized as class IV, which is just below that....


Thanks for the replies. It seems crazy to me that possesing, selling or buying something that was legal less than a year ago is a felony.


I could be wrong, but I'm near positive that PH's are class III too dude. Pretty scary if you think about it.

Super suckie if you think about it hard.

If you watch Brazil, or another similar movie, while thinking about it.. You'd probably want to move to Wales.



I am 99.99% certain that all pro-hormones are classified in the exact same manner as AAS... so I would stay verrrrry far away from buying or selling. Just a thought.