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Legal MP3's


Anyone know of any good music download sites that are legal, super cheap and have a massive selection.

So far i've found allofmp3.com, but thought that some of you may know other places.

Anyone used allofmp3.com - any tips, advice etc.?



why may I ask is it a concern of it is legal or not? Bearshare or Kazaa both work great for getting MP3's...neither are "legal" necessarily.


I used to download off those sites, but it seems like the authorities are really clamping down and handing out big fines to illegal downloaders.

I'm just scared i'll get fined, so i'm trying to find the cheapest legal alternative.


How about those 1$ a tune sites?

Sample songs using P2P progs, destroy your downloads after 24 hours, buy what you want. Win-win for all parties involved.


I'm gonna disagree with you. They're only handing out fines to people who download massive amounts of files, and even then only a few of them. If they really clamped down the courts wouldn't be able to handle all the cases they'd have to see. They're going to have to do wayyy more than they are currently if they really want to stop illegal downloading.


Now I may be wrong, but I thought it was not illegal to download, only illegal to share and allow your stuff to be downloaded. Anyone know the facts on this (not that it will change anything I do)?


Thats what I understand to be true too. Right now I'm using Limewire and it works great.


Programs like Bearshare and Kazaa are peer-2-peer programs. In reality it is sharing because you are getting it from other users. There are on-line music sites that you can buy mp3's from like mp3.com. Google legal mp3 download and see what comes up.


They are illeagal in two ways :

  1. The programs itself - music companies have been semi-succesful in shutting them down, w/ legal arguements at their backing

  2. The guy that mentioned sharing music, is what is illeagal. I have used kazaa in the past , and people tell me i should get lime wire or bit torrent but kazaa is fine b/c it will have mass market appeal for a long time and you want that with a mp3 download service gets more choices.

To cover your rear end legally do these

3 things :

  1. Most important - kazaa will let you avoid having to share music with others. If you don't share you can't be fined

  2. Put up a good fire wall on your computer theere are several free ones around.

  3. On my computer, upon download, all of my music went into a folder named " my shared files " , it was a default folder apparantly the computer thinks im going to be doing some sharing so its the wiser. Music companies will probably try to " look" for this folder in particular if their viruses and the like get into your computer. So also get a virus protection software and change this folder to whatever you want. I called mine star wars or something it doesn't matter just NOT : My shared folder

I reccomend that you do all 3 of these, music companies if they are in a sue happy mood would go for the easiest targets but they technically can't go after you if you don't share.

This is basically a summary of my part of a group presentation i did for a college class on the legal ramifications of file downloading and the music industry's legal onslaught against it. The class thought it was intresting that i showed them how to install a fire wall, set up kazaa correctly, and change the folder name. You do what you have to get the audience intrested haha


There is a lot more then just not sharing files you have downloaded and changing the default folder the music goes to. You are getting it from someone else...sharing. If you decide not to let anyone get it from you it doesn't matter. You still got it from someone else (sharing). I do agree that there are things that can be done to lower your profile, however your IP address can still be traced to you through your ISP.

The example I have is with Bearshare but I am assuming that it can happen with other programs. My boss was notified by the German Government that he is being sued for downloading music from Bearshare. Accordining to the German's, Bearshare was sued and part of the settlement was that they had to provide IP addresses within certain ranges. My bosses IP address fell into the range and it was traced to Germany. The German Government, in cooperation, traced the IP address to my boss. They even provided him with a nice 5 page printout of all the songs he has downloaded. They didn't care who got the songs from him, just that he got the songs.

I personally use newsgroups and not P2P. Seem like all the focus is on P2P so it's a safer alternative (for now).

There is some pretty good information on http://www.riaa.com/default.asp if you are interested in seeing what these bastards are up to.


I don't think getting caught for downloading illegal music is a big broblem here in SA, especially when they're not looking...

Personally, I believe Torrents and forums are the best places to download music. If I like a cd then I'll buy it, but there are very few cd's that are actually worth the money IMO.