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Legal Issues

what are my chances of getting arrested if my order is seized at US customs? Can I just say that I was basically setup, that I didn’t really order the package??
I’m just nervous about ordering online (reputable source with 95%> success rate but still), and want to know what my options are

I could be wrong, but I’d imagine for most stuff they’d just keep it and send you a letter. If you go pick up the goods at that point then you’re admitting to importing illegal drugs.

It is very, very, very unlikely that they will come to your house looking for you over a personal sized order of steroids or prescription drugs. And at that point just get a lawyer and don’t say anything. But it’s not worth the resources for them to bust the average joe.

I agree its very unlikely

  1. that your order will be intercepted by customs

  2. that customs will forward it to a law enforcement agency

  3. that the law enforcement agency will try to set up a controlled delivery.

With that being said, from what I understand it does happen. Keep your orders modest, and consider domestic sources, they can be found if you look.

I know that this is an old post, but it needs clarifying.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection is only one component of the law enforcement web which your mail delivery items come in contact with.

If I were you, I would be more worried about a U.S. Postal Inspector coming to my door. They enforce a vast array of domestic laws pertaining to the usage of mail transportation of illegal contraband.

CBP will not come to your door trying to arrest you…unless your doing hard narcotics, kiddie porn, or just make it too easy. Reason why is that the arrest is the easy part, getting you prosecuted by the Assistant U.S. Attorneys office is the hard part. The two do not work hand in hand, and the AUSA won’t take on a case unless it nets a big fish and is slam dunk going to be won.

Then don’t forget that the items if found can and are turned over to the local police should they want to get involved. It’s a practice that happens everyday btw the federal LE and local policing agencies.

Drug dogs cannot sniff for steroids either, so don’t freak out about that. Steroids are not a major concern for law enforcement, nor do I see it ever being one in our lifetime. For the record, I am a casual observer of the topic,not a user. However, I believe that steroid users happen to be some of the most educated people you will find in terms of what they are putting into themselves and for why. Try and find a knowledgable crack head or meth user.