Legal HGH?

I have been training off and on for the last 5 years. I have been training hard for about the last 6 months and want to take it to another level. I have a hard time putting weight and size on do to a fast metabolism and a busy schedule where I cant always eat when I want to. I want to know what are some good safe and LEGAL HGH supplements. Do to my profession in Law Enforcement it must be legal to take and cant fail drug test. Thanks for the help!

Do sheriff/police even test for steroids or hgh? My buddy is a sheriff and he says he knows plenty of sheriffs that juice

[quote]BUDs wrote:
Do sheriff/police even test for steroids or hgh? My buddy is a sheriff and he says he knows plenty of sheriffs that juice[/quote]

I can’t say for sure, so take my word for whatever you want. However, working in a military / sensitive environment that takes drug testing seriously, my experience is that the ONLY time someone will be tested for anything other than narcotics or alcohol is if there is probable cause to do so. Those tests are expensive, much more so than the $10 / $30 it costs for drug / alcohol tests.

How old are you?
forget about hormones until your career is over and you are older…

If you are not already, pound protein like your life depends on it…smash 20g of high quality fish oil a day, multi vitamin, creatine and beta alanine, 6 or 7g of Vitamin C daily, get as much quality sleep as you can, do some breathing or meditation to help relax your body and speed up recovery, foam roll and stretch more often…plenty you can do mind body wise, recovery wise sleep and relaxation, and nutrition and supplement wise to improve your gains.

Oh, how do you train now? Especially if you are limited for time…start every workout with power cleans, deadlifts, or squats…powerclean and back or front squat 3 times a week, RDLs, bench, chin, rows, push press, deadlifts, RDL, step ups, lunges, DB incline and military press…full body workouts, push heavy weight or move moderate weights with higher velocity…

fast metobilism? drink a gallon of milk a day, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on wheat with banana and honey. Protein shakes with milk and ice cream…wish I could still do stuff like that hah

For my training on mondays Ill do chest and tris, wed. Ill do shoulders with some legs, fri ill do back and bis with deadlift included in that. I try to get in a 100% whey protein shake before work and then a 100% casein shake before bed. Ill wake up and have a meal whatever i feel hungry for, for lunch ill have usually 3 sandwiches either ham and cheese, pepperoni and cheese or the classic pb&j.

For dinner ill have whatever my mom makes usually some chicken or other meat and some vegetables. I keep my rep range usually 4x8 but i will go 4x5 on the deadlift and other leg lifts. My workouts look like this

Monday: Bench either barbell or dumbell 4x8
incline same thing
flies and cable cross over

Wed: Hang clean and press 4x5
Rear delts 4x8
front and side raises superset 4x8
shrugs or dumbbell press 4x8
squat machine and calves 4x8

Fri: Deadlift 4x5
pull ups or lat pull down 4x8
lower lat row 4x8
one arm row or bent over rows 4x8
straight bar curl 4x8
chin ups or alternating dumbbell curls 4x8
concentration curls4x8
hammer curls 4x8

I also take kre-alkalyn creatine everyday

Well I can tell you right now if that’s what you eat then that’s probably why your finding it hard to put on weight and size

How old are you? You look like a big boy in your picture so seems like you are working hard and/or have good genetics.

Looks like you do too much isolation work. If you are training 3 days a week, make every workout full body. Dan John on here or Bill Starr somewhere has to have some good plans for 3 days a week heavy lifting. Hit cleans, front and back squats, deadlifts, RDL, bench, rows, overhead press and push press, and chins like its going out of style. Do that hard for 4 or 5 months or even a year or two, just change the variables of the workout every 3-6 weeks…but keep it ground based, compound movements and work your entire body every workout.

Maybe a clean, squat, or deadlift to start, and then follow up with a push pull upper body pair of exercises, and if you feel like it the last 5 or 10 minutes superset a few curls, tris, and delt stuff like you have listed if you need to feel a pump or like your working it.

Train movements, not muscle groups.

eat every 3-4 hours, high protein, high essential fatty acids, and if you are trying to put on weight dont worry about crushing carbs.

Pre workout take a handful of BCAAS, creatine, and beta alanine. Post workout a high simple carb shake plus 50 grams or more of whey protein with another blend of protein too.

If you are law enforcement, dont neglect some fight specific conditioning…best bet is to take some boxing, muay thai, krav, or bjj 2-3 times a week if you have a local place that cuts a break for LEO and you can fit it in the schedule. I appreciate what you do my friend and would do anything to help, Im a vet and former LEO. God Bless, stay safe, train hard and train to WIN if you get in a scrap…training like an athlete will help you stomp someone if need be…ground based force production…

The Toughest Workout one could ever do FLOODS the Body with Natural HGH, Google/Youtube
the “Peak 8” Workout…you have ALL the info you need now to research it carefully.

Thanks for the advice! I’m gonna switch my workout up and try some new things!

i wouldnt base any workout merely on trying to increase natural GH…not even taking GH makes a gigantic difference in putting on size unless you take mega doses for a long period of time.

Dr. Mercola is a controversial guy, I like that he goes out there stirring the pot on diet and supplements, but I would not be using him and his personal trainer as my guide if Im trying to get yoked.

Go to a track, do sprint intervals. Or if you have a Versa Climber or Jacobs Ladder use it…or sledge hammer, tire flips, sled drive, sled pull…plenty of ways to do manly intervals for 15 mins at end of your workout if you want to include them…

Buy true mass by BSN and pound that shit out like its your job. 3 scoops 2x day will give you another 1400 calories that you desperately need if you wanna grow.