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Legal Gear M1-P


Hey guys, just wanted to get some insight and reviews on this new product out by legal gear, M1P. It's supposedly the "replacement" for M1T but I haven't really heard any reviews on it. I'm really wanting to go out and buy 2 bottles for a cycle but with the price, I dont want to be throwing away 100 dollars if it's no good. I've tried looking around on the internet for info on progestins and can't seem to find anything about them. If anyone can give me good advice or better yet, a review on this new product please tell me.


Well, since there has been a lack of response, I take it that not many of you have actually tried this product or heard much about it except the companies claims. Anyway, I just ordered 2 bottles of it and some 6-oxo for PCT and I will update throughout my cycle and we will see how well this product works.


I don't really know much about progestins period. I might hit up the library for some Ochem books and check it out. In the mean time, I'd like to hear Cy chime in on this product.

Here's the main ingredient, 60mgs per capsule
17-hydroxy-6-alpha methyl-ethyletiochalon-3,20 dion

And here are the "Estrogen control complex"
3,17-keto-etiocholene-4-ol, and 3,17-keto-etiochol-diene at 25 and 10 mgs per capsule respectively


I've already gone over this previously, just a week or two ago. The search isn't working for me right now, but if you go to "posts" and type in "progestins Cy" or something of that nature, it will come up.


Well I got my m1p in the mail yesterday and i began taking it today...im going to take 3 daily in divided doses for the first week, then 4 daily for weeks 2 and 3. I am going to keep my protein intake around 180 grams daily (at least)and increase my calorie intake...i will post more as the weeks go on.


Awesome, 1 of my friends is taking it, he says it works great. I might start taking it too. Keep me posted on your results. G Luck!!!


i have heard nothing but bad things about it and that it isnt effective at all. i emailed Cy about it a month ago and he confirmed that it is a relative of the birth control drug DepoProvera. in short, there are other new "legal" supps out there that will blow this out of the water.

Also, please read Cy's writeup on 6-oxo and it ineffectiveness. there are much better (and cheaper) products to use for PCT than any 6-oxo type supp. if you need more info, just ask.


sorry bout the confusion...im not using 6-oxo, i ordered formadrol extreme...and also..those people who gave m1p a bad review...did they post there diet and daily intake of protein, carbs, calories, etc...because i've heard if your diet aint right, gains won't come easy...