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Legal Anabolics

I have been lifting for about 3 years and i put at my peak about 35 pounds of muscle on. i went from 170 to 205. I have been looking to try some type of anabolic, but have no access to illegal steroids. Has anyone tried any over the counter stuff? Like Mag-10 or The Beast anabolic activtor? Just curious. I’d like to know how some of these things work. IF u have any suggestions please speak!

my suggestion is to use steroids. pro-steroids work mildly. but, there is no replacing the effect real steroids can have. its just that simple.

I say start with the pro-steroids. do your research, learn as much as you can then go for it. if you do not know what you are doing, then steroids can be a hell of alot more dangerous. mag-10 works great. I enjoyed it, then again I used it before I ever touched steroids.

While Drago1’s point is very likely valid, it does not really answer your question.

Assuming that you are reluctant to use illegal anabolics for the sole reason that they are just that–illegal–you do have some pretty decent alternatives available to you.

Off the bat, I’d recommend Mag-10. I am a strong advocate of the supplement, and saw great gains while using it.

Never having used steroids myself, I could not say if these gains were “impressive” when compared to a first cycle of ‘real’ gear, but for an otherwise natural trainee, I’d have to saw that the effects I saw from Mag-10 were really nothing short of staggering.

If, for whatever reason, you’re hesitant to cross that black/white steroid line, you’d be doing yourself a favor by journeying into the grey area of pro-hormones and pro-steroids.

hey thanks a lot. i know this sounds like i’m a little wet behind the ears.

hey thanks a lot. the legality issue is one thing, but the bigger thing is no access to them. i see online pharmacies that sell them, but are they legit?

hey thanks a lot. so Mag-10 works alright huh? Can I stack it with anything? Or should I just use it as recommended on the bottle?

Why don’t you do a few mag10 cycles first then hit the AASs?

Mag10 works great, just do a search for some other peoples results and gains. I’ve gained up to 10 lbs. during a 2 wk. cycle, although I would highly recommend longer cycles.

Nothing wrong with AASs, just make sure you know what you’re doing and get it from a good source. Gain as much as you can with pro-hormones like mag10, and in the meantime learn more about AASs and keep your eyes and ears open for a good souce, then progress to the AASs, no reason to get impatient now.

You dont need to stack mag10, it’s actually a stack itself, A1 and 4ad-ec, but I would again recommend longer cycles.

Mag-10 works great. The new capsules are even better, but if you want to save some money massnutrition.com has the old stuff for 50 dollars. Read the Mag-10 Plan for Success http://www.t-mag.com/nation_articles/196mag.html

I gained 25 pounds in six weeks while on a 2 on/2 off/2 on cycle of Mag-10. Of course, I was also eating like a horse while I was on and gained a little bit more fat than I had planned. My strength levels shot up quite a bit while I was taking it too. The only downside is that I’m not 100% sure that the results were all that long-lasting.

Go with the Mag10 and don’t forget the tribex and M after you finish.