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I have just won a court case against a small computer repair company.

Basically I took my PC to this computer repair shop to have the mother board replaced, they replaced the mother board, but also took out my top of the range graphics card and replaced it with a cheap graphics card.

Today I won 200 pounds compensation in a crown court civil action today against them, where the judge agreed that the decent card had been taken without my knowledge or consent (stolen)

So anyways, I know I should perhaps just leave it at that but my actual loses over this whole incident are over one and a half grand, I could still take these guys to criminal court if I wanted but I wont.

what I want to do is inform people of what happened to me and how a judge has ruled in my favour, I want to hand out leaflets in the area near the shop, can I hand out leaflets stating what happended if I tel only the truth and I am not abusive in the leaflets?

Also I am Uk so any legal guys in Uk with some ideas would vey much appreciated



In the US, it can't be libel if it's the truth, though you might find yourself violating loitering rules, or even be found to be harrassing them.

I don't know about the UK, though.


You might need a permit of some kind. A bodyguard would be a good idea too!


I can understand your frustration with these guys. Spreading bad word of mouth is the best way to get them back. Tell everyone you know and go online too. There are some websites for exposing crooks like that. Leaflets may backfire, because of the issue of harassment, as someone said (nevermind getting the crap kicked out of you). But you should know that the judgment that you received from the court is a matter of the public record, so the opposing party can't demand that you keep it secret.

Here's the thing, did they actually pay you the 200? If not, you can register a writ against the company's assets, which will go on their credit report. Registration will cost you money though. If it were me, i would just call the credit bureau myself and get the judgment added to their credit report.


Cheers guys I have no worries on the bodyguard front though!

The shop is near a university and its students who mostly use the shop, so I was going to hand out my leaflets in and around the Uni.


Why the hell did they go to court over this?

I can't say I'm suprised about them trying it on though, I work in the TV repair trade and have met a fair few dodgy buggers, one guy who used to work for us was caught selling customer's equipment out the the back of the shop.

As far as libel laws go, the fact that they were found guilty of the crime - it's not like you are making accusations, their crime has been proven. But then again, the justice system is so warped in this country that you'll probably get done and face a tougher fine than they did.