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Legacy Gets Strong and Ripped

Apparently my last post didnt go through, so i’ve got some catching up to do.

Pull overs: 70,90,100,120,140,150,160,170x8
Pull Ups: Bwx8,5,10,15,20,25,30x8

This was a pretty awesome session. It was short and to the point. My lats felt pretty fired up afterwards. I played the flag football game, then headed back into the gym for this:

Hyperextensions: 45x15,50x15,55x15 (RIDICULOUS PUMP)
Straight Arm Pulldown: 70x15,80x15,85x15
Cable Rows: 120x15,140x15,160x15
Rear delt machine: 100x15,110x15,120x15 (Ridiculous Pump)

This was a pretty awesome session as well. I had an awesome pump from start to finish, and I definitely liked doing hyperextensions. I’ll probably finish every back workout with them from here on out.

Saturday, right before Night of the Living Deadlift

Military: 95,105,115,125,135,145,155x5
Incline: 155,175,185,195,205x5
Bench: 225,235,245,255x5 (should have done one more set)
Low Incline Flies: 50’sx10,10
Lateral Raises: 25x15

This was another really good session. My chest was definitely feeling it afterward. I should have done a little bit of tricep work, but the pressing movements should take care of most of that.

Squat: 135x8,185x5,225x5,265x5,295x5
Top Half Squat: 315x5,365x5,415x5
Standing Calf raises: 315x8,8
Leg Ext: 145x20,100x10
Leg Curl: 115x20

Legs were fried after this. Especially since I had just got done playing another flag football game. Its tournament time, so now is when all the games really count. I’m fairly certain I tore my mensicus AGAIN during the game, but it didnt hurt to squat too bad. Squats actually felt pretty damn good today, I’m guessing its because I changed the technique up a bit. After my max rep sets on leg extensions and leg curls, I could barely walk. It was a good feeling. I’m looking forward to my second week of my back specialization which starts tomorrow.

There was no training today… HOWEVER I did get to hang out with andy bolton for a few hours. That was pretty awesome. He seemed like a pretty decent guy. The man has EVERY aspect of lifting completely thought out. His physical, and mental preparation are completely in check. He is a very very big dude, and his hands are ridiculous.

Andy and a few other really good deadlifters came in today to do some mid-thigh iso pulls on our force plates. They all put up decent numbers, but none of them quite got the hang of it. No one beat our school record, but if they had time to come in for a training session on proper iso pull technique, i’m sure andy would at least dominate it.

Saturday, I got to watch Andy pull 964 raw, and he pulled 979 raw two weeks before. He said ideally he would only pull 950 or above twice in a year. He has done it 3 times in the past several weeks, and said its starting to get to him. Makes me wish my off days still consisted of 900 lb deadlifts…

Really expected someone to comment on my last post, lol. oh well.

Tuesday: Session 1

Bent Over Rows: 135,155,165,175,185,195,200x8
45 degree db row: 65x8,8,8
A1) DB Pullover: 40,45,50,55x8
A2) Pull ups: 8,8,8,8

It was a pretty good session. My pull ups definitely seem like they are getting stronger, even when pre-exhausting my lats with pull overs. This has to be a good sign. Rows went up in weight this week, still with super strict form. That has to be good too. My body fat definitely seems to be dropping, but my subcataneous water levels tend to fluctuate a lot more.

Tuesday: Session 2

Pull overs: 90,110,130x15
Pull Downs: 85,100,115x15 (really focused on stretching and contracting my lats)
Straight Bar Curls: 45,55,65x15 ( weak! )
Rear Delt Machine: 85,100,115x15

My second session is obviously focused more towards higher reps and getting a nice pump in order to shuttle nutrients into the muscle. I definitely got a pump in my lats and biceps. It was a pretty good session, other than the extremely weak curls…


Bent Over rows: 135,155,175,185,195,205x8
Deadlifts: 225,255,285,305x8
Rack Deadlifts: 305,365,405,455x8
Rack pulls: 365x8

This was a pretty solid session. Deadlifts felt stronger today, but these higher rep sets definitely get to me pretty quick.

Friday: session 1

Isometric pulls from floor x2
Isometric pulls from knee x2
Isometric pulls from mid thigh x2

Session 2

Standing military: 135x5,145x5,155x5
Incline Bench: 155x5,175x5,195x5,215x5 PR?

Had to keep the second session super short. I had some time constraints. i needed to drop the volume to help recover from the iso pulls.

Workout 1:

Bent Over Rows: 135,155,165,175,185,195,205x8 (super strict)
Deadlifts: 225,265,315x8
Rack Deadlifts (from top of knee): 315,365,405,445x8 PR
Mid thigh pulls: 365x8

This was a really solid session. The rack deads were a PR from that pin height. I’ve got a long torso, so that is a really hard position for me.

Workout 2

Pull ups: bwx8,8,8,8,8
Pull down: 120,130,140x15 then 30 sec stretch
Reverse flies: 85,100,115,130x15 PR
Machine Rows: 120,140x15
Hyperextensions: Bw,35,45x15

I got a pretty nice pump from this session. I got a good stretch in my lats, and i believe they may be growing… My back also looks to be adding some thickness. Can’t ask for anymore than that while dieting down.

Yesterday’s Workout

Military Press (STRICT): 95x5,115x5,135x5,145x5,155x5
Incline Bench Press: 155x5,175x5,195x5,215x5
Bench Press: 225x5,235x5,245x5,255x5
Incline Flies; 45’sx8,8,8
DB Lateral Raises: 45x8,8
1 armed underhand tricep ext: 35x15,15,15

Pretty good workout yesterday. My chest is definitely fried right now. I went super heavy on the lateral raises and even though the form wasn’t as strict, i felt like I got more out of them.

A1) Straight Bar curl: 45x10,55x10,65x10,75x10
A2) Reverse straight bar curl: 45x10,55x10,65x10,75x8
Close grip bench: 135x10,185x10,205x8,225x6
Hammer cursl: 45x10,10,10
D1) Tricep ext: 50x15,57.5x15,65x15
D2) Tricep pull downs: 50x15,57.5x15,65x15

I didn’t feel like being a complete lazy ass today, so i went in for some arm work. I dont do this stuff often so my numbers are pretty weak. The supersets were more for a pump, which is why the weight is super low. It was a pretty good workout, and was definitely better than sitting on the couch.

Today’s workout

Powerlifting Squats: 135x10,225x5,275x5,315x5,365x3 (I should have gone for 4)
Good Mornings: 225x5,245x5,265x5
GHR: 2 reps then decided that it was way to painful for my freshly torn meniscus
Lying Leg Curl: 95x8,110x8,125x8,140x8 then 110x5,95x8 half reps
Standing Calf Raises: 120x10,10,10

Today was a pretty good session. I set a PR on squats, but I felt extremely weak today. I know I could have gotten more on any other day. I got a sick pump from leg curls, the drop sets killed me. My calves also felt worked when I finished.

Yesterday’s workout

Olympic Squat: 225x8,245x8,265x8,285x5
RDL: 225x6,245x6,265x6,285x6
Sumo Leg press: 495x6,585x6,675x6,765x6
Leg Ext: 135x8,8,8

Today’s workout:

Front squat: 135x10,145x10,155x10,165x10
Hack Squat: 135x10,225x10,225x10,275x10,275x10
Standing Calf Raise: 140x10,10,10
Leg Ext: 130x10,145x10, Drop set 160x10 - 130x6,85x15

Legs were pretty fired up after both of these workouts. I’m definitely nice and sore after 3 days in a row of doing some form of squats. I’m hoping to see some growth out of it. I’m starting to lean up more and more everyday now. Currently my legs seem to be leaning up the most which is to be expected. I’m down to 197, so thats 15lbs total that i’ve dropped, while maintaining and even gaining lean muscle mass. I’ll be hopping in the bod pod again next monday to see where i’m at.

Friday’s Workout:

Bench Press: 135x10,185x5,225x5,255x5,275x3 ,3,3
JM Presses: 45x8,65x8,85x8,95x8,8 (new exercise for me, hard to stay in the groove)
Low Incline Flies: 45x10,10,10
Lateral Raises: 40x8,8,8
Reverse grip tricep ext: 50x15,60x15,70x15

This was a pretty good session. I didn’t get much sleep last night so I was a little weaker today. I used more isolation work to lower the volume load to help me recover a little better, but still provide enough stimulus to grow. I’m not sure if i like the JM presses or not yet. I’ve seen a lot of big bench pressers swear by them, so I will keep them in for a while

Saturday’s Workout:

A1) Bent Over rows: 135,185,195,205x8
A2) (low pin) rack deadlifts: 225,275,285,295x8
A3) Shrugs: 225,275,285,295x8
B1) Lat Pullovers: 90,115,130x8
B2) Lat Pulldowns: 150,160,170x8
DB Curls: 45x8,8

I had to do supersets today because I was in a rush for time. I would have gone heavier on the rack deads and the shrugs, but I didn’t have straps with me. A pulling superset like that will wear out your grip FAST. Overall it was a really good session. I had a nice pump in my back and bi’s, and I could really feel my lats working.

Week 2 day 1 of Leg Spec

PL Squat: 135x10,225x5,275x3,315x3,350x6 PR
Good Mornings: 225x5,235x5,245x5 PR? or tied
GHR: 2x5 (these kill my knee since I tore my meniscus)
Leg Curl: 110x8,125x8,140x8
Calf Ext Machine: 250x10,10,10

Today was a pretty awesome session. I hit one or two PRs today. I think I really should have went for 365 and see if I could have gotten 5, but oh well. I felt strong once the weight got on my back. This has to be a good thing. The calf extension machine felt awesome. I got a really nice burn from these. I’ll definitely be keeping these in my program. If I can set some more PRs tomorrow and wednesday, I will be pretty damn happy.

Today’s Workout:

Olympic Squats: 135,185,225,265,305x8 PR!
Single Leg Leg press: 225,295,365x8
Leg Press: 365x30
Leg Ext: 145,160,175x8 PR
Leg Curl: 110,125,140x8 then 110x10
Calf Ext Machine: 250,270x20
DC Seated Calf Raise: 90x10,10

Today was an awesome leg day. I set a very nice PR on olympic squats. The high rep leg press definitely got my legs feeling pumped. Leg extensions felt really strong today, I probably could have done another set with more weight. Leg curls tore me up as always, especially the drop set. I did the calf ext machine ballistic style today and i got a really nice burn. I finished up with the DC style seated calf raise and could barely walk after that. My legs have been shaking for the last hour or so. Definitely a great session.

Today’s Workout (short and sweet)

Front Squat:135,185,205x10 PR!!!
Hack Squat: 225x15,275x15,15,15 PR
Leg Ext: 135x15,15,15

I absolutely torched my quads today. I can still barely walk and I almost collapsed twice walking out of the gym. The front squats were a 20lb PR and the hack squats were a 5 rep pr. On leg extensions, I could barely move my legs because they were so pumped from the front squats and hack squats. Making strength gains while cutting = AMAZING. Definitely glad I haven’t cut my carbs yet, getting stronger is awesome.

Today’s Workout:

Bent Over Row: 135x8,155x8,175x8,195x8 (super strict)
Sumo Deadlift: 225x5,275x5,315x3,365x1,405x1 (easy), 445x1,0 (WTF!!!)
Rack Deads: 405x3,465x1,1,1
Rack Pulls: 315x1,1,1,1,1
Shrugs: 315x10,225x10
Pull ups; BWx10,10, 45lbx8
DB Curls: 40x10,45x10
DB Rows: 100x15

Deadlift felt really good all the way up till 445, dont know what happened there. My PR is 485 on deadlift. I’m going to continue to try my best to avoid straps on rack deadlifts, but I need to use them on my mid thigh pulls. Pull ups felt fantastic as usual. I got a pretty good pump from db curls and I got a little bit of a pump in my back from the db rows. I’m really going to start hitting my mid back hard. That and my grip are my weak link on deadlifts at the moment.

Next monday i’ll be doing a mock powerlifting meet with some of my buddies. If I don’t put up the biggest total i’m going to be PISSED. I’m the lightest out of all of us, but I damn sure want to be the strongest.

Today’s Workout:

Incline Bench Press: 135x5,155x5,175x5,195x5,215x5, 225x5 PR!!!
Flat Bench: 225x5,245x5,265x3,285x2 (embarrassing) and 225x10 (embarrassing)
Dips: BWx10,45x10,90x10,135x5 tied PR
High pulls: 185x8,10,8 (nice delt pump)

Today was another solid session. My incline bench press is usually incredibly weak, but today I hit a 10lb PR and still had a couple reps in the tank. Flat bench sucked a big one for some reason. It felt heavy from the very first set. I could have gone heavier than 285, but this a SLIGHT deload session, hence no vertical pressing. I had a slight pump in my tri’s and a nice pump in my delts by the end of the session. More energy throughout my session than normal.

Today’s Workouts:

Session 1: Fasted
Olympic Squats: 135x10,225x3,245x3,265x3,285x3 ,305x3,245x3,265x3,285x3
10 minutes of cardio

Session 2: 1.5 scoops of AS-GT
A1) Military: 95x3,105x3,115x3,125x3,135x3,1 25x3,130x3,135x3
A2) Military Grip Shrugs: 95x8,105x8,115x8,125x8,135x8,1 25x8,130x8,135x8
B1) Incline Bench Press: 215x3,205x3,210x3,215x3,205x3
B2) Upright Rows: 45x10,65x10,85x10,85x10,85x10
C1) Flat Bench: 260x3,250x3,255x3,260x3,250x3
C2) Rear Delt Flies: 25’sx8,8,8,8,8

Awesome sessions today. I was amped when i got to the gym, amped through my entire workout. The entire time I was ready to attack some weights, and I did. I got a killer pump in my chest and I KNOW i’m going to be sore as crap tomorrow. Looking forward to more workouts like this one.