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Legacy Gets Strong and Ripped

I’m seriously considering trying out the new style spec programs discussed in CT’s HTH and in the live spill. I’ve been wanting to do it for a while, but i’ve never had access to all the equipment until now. i may still be lacking some of it, but I’m fairly certain I can pull it off. The one thing i’m afraid of is being able to recover while on a caloric deficit. I may try it while upping my calories first to see what I can get.

1st Session: Activation Circuit

Box Jumps: 5x3
Explosive Pushups: 5x3
Snatch: 5x3
Explosive Lat pull down: 5x3
Med ball toss: 5x3

2nd Session: weight in kilos

Seated Military: 50,55,60,65x5
Incline Bench Press: 65,70,75,80,85,90x5
Bench: 90,95,100,105,110,115x5
High Pull: 50kgx Max Reps
Facepulls: BWx Max Reps
DB Lateral raises: 15x Max Reps
DB Incline Flies: 55’sx Max reps
Flat Flies: 55’sx Max reps

This session went pretty well. I was extremely weak on the military’s for some reason. I started to hit the groove about halfway through incline, and i lost the groove again on my last set of bench press. I’m tired as crap now and definitely need to get some sleep before I hit chest shoulders and tris again tomorrow… and wednesday…

Here you go brother-

1st Session: Concentric Only

One handed med ball throws (shoulders)
Two handed med ball toss (shoulders)
Two handed med ball toss (chest)
One handed flies
One handed bench press
Incline Push-ups

I had planned on doing this session with a sled, but I found out the athletes weight room didnt have one. Next time i’ll have to tie a rope to some plates and try it out. I did manage to do pretty much all of the movements without the eccentric portion, it did take some creative thinking though.

Session 2

A1) Incline BB: 135x6,155x6,165x6,175x6
A2) Seated DB Military: 40x6,45x6,50x6,55x6
A3) DB Bench: 40x6,45x6,50x6,55x6
B1) Incline Flies: 25x6.30x6.35x6,40x6
B2) Incline Lateral Raise: 10x6,15x6,20x6,25x6
B3) Standing Lateral Raise: 10x6,15x6,20x6,25x6
C1) Seated DB Military: 45x Max reps
C2) Incline DB Bench: 45x Max reps
C3) DB Bench Press: 45x Max reps

After all this I was toast. My chest, shoulders, and tris were all pumped. I didnt feel weak at first, like I initially thought I would. My strength did die down quick, because the lactic acid and lactate started flowing like crazy. I’m fairly certain i’ll be pretty sore tomorrow.

Session 1

Seated DB Military: 45x6,50x6,55x6,60x6,65x6
DB Incline Bench: 65x6,70x6,75x6,80x6
DB Bench: 80x6,85x6,90x6,95x6
High Pulls: 135x Max reps

I did this session about 5 hours ago, and i’ll be heading back for my final specialization session in another hour or so. I’m looking forward to this next session. I’ll be getting an insane pump and I shouldnt have to move too many ridiculous weights.

Session 2

A1)Cable Flies: 70x Max, 70x Max
A2) Flies: 30x Max, 30x Max
A3) Short Flies: 30x Max, 30x Max
A4) Incline Pushups

B1) Deadstop Lateral Raises: 20x Max, 20x Max
B2) Standing Lateral Raises: 20x Max, 20x Max
B3) Deadstop Front Raises: 20x Max, 20x Max
B4) Standing Front Raises: 20x Max, 20x Max

WOW! Thats all I can really say about this session. It was the most ridiculous pump i’ve ever had in my life. And the mind muscle connection was there from the very first rep since my muscles are pretty sore. I have NEVER had a pump in my front delts before… today was insane. It was all I could do to get my jacket on after my workout. Next time I do these, I definitely need to increase the weight on the cable flies, but everything else was just about perfect.

I injured my back a little during my warm set of squats last week. Because of this I was not able to workout any. I tried to keep the calories in check, but I had too much free time and got a little carried away with the calories. I’m starting the second week of my pressing specialization today. Lets see how it goes.

Monday: Session 1 BW: 203

Seated Military: 95,105,115,125,135,145,155x5
Incline Bench: 155,175,185,195,205,215x5
Bench: 225,235,245,255x5 (WEAK)
High Pulls: 155x Max Reps
Facepulls: 70x Max Reps

I felt really strong today at the beginning of my workout, but i think I extended incline bench press out 1 set further than I should have and it really wore me out before bench press. I’ve got another lifting session in about 4 hours and i’m sure I’ll make up for it then.

I have started performing intermittent fasting. I’m doing a 16/8 (fast/eat) protocol. I’m really interested to see how it works out. I’ll be eating roughly the same amount of calories as usual with the same macros. BW today was 203.

Monday: Session 2

Incline Lateral Raise: 25’sx4x8
Incline Flies: 45’sx4x8
Flies: 50’sx4x8
Reverse Flies: 100x20

I also went for a mile walk today. I need to start doing it in a fasted state, but i want to wait another week or so that way I can see if the intermittent fasting is working by itself.

Tuesday: Session 1

Decline Pushups: 2x max reps
Push ups: 2x max reps
Incline Pushups: 2x Max reps

It sounds like a pretty easy workout, but i had a pretty sick pump and I was pretty dang sore from it this morning.

Wednesday: Session 1 BW 202

DB Military: 45,50,55,60, 65’sx6
DB Incline: 65,70,75,80’sx6
DB Bench: 85’sx 20

I only had 20 minutes to lift today, so this session was short and to the point. I’m liking the intermittent fasting so far. Its alot easier than I thought it would be. I can definitely see how it WOULD lead to greater fat loss, but its too early for me to tell how well its working. As long as i’m not losing in appreciable muscle mass I will continue this style of dieting.

Wednesday: Session 2

A1) Cable Flies:2x 90x max reps
A2) Flies:2x 35’sx Max reps
A3) Short Flies:2x 35’sx Max reps
A4) Pushups:2x Max reps

B1) Deadstop lateral raises:2x 20’sx8
B2) Standing Lateral Raises:2x 20’sx8
B3) Deadstop Front Raises:2x 20’sx 8
B4) Standing Front Raises:2x 20’sx8

Another good session. I had a pretty awesome pump again. I have definitely gotten stronger on these. I probably should have done one more circuit for each, but oh well. I’m glad this the last day of my pressing specialization. My shoulders feel pretty beat up, and not in a good way. I’m very much looking forward to my back specialization. I think it will go pretty damn well if I can keep my back healthy.

Oh, and I should probably note that my delts and upper chest have DEFINITELY gotten bigger. Anterior delts and upper chest have shown the most improvement. the upper chest was much needed. I’m hoping that in a couple days they will have hypertrophied some more.

My shoulders are really worked today. And my knee feels a little wrecked as well. I’m hoping these pains will go away after a couple of back workouts.

I did some fasted cardio this morning. I plan to start doing this more often, but we’ll see how it goes.

I think to be successful with IF i will need to make my diet as clean as it was before I started. I’m going to continue doing low carb on off days, and try to drop the fat a little on workout days. I’ve lost a little over a pound this week, which is about right, but I’m also holding alot of water. This is probably due to me eating foods high in fat, carbs, and sodium. Not the best foods for physique.


Front Squat: 135,155,175,185,195,205x5
Olympic Back Squat: 205,225,245,265x5 (knees were shot today)
Top Half Squat from pins: 265,315,365,405, 420x5

My knees felt pretty wrecked today for some reason. I think its because the change in weather. Thats why the weights were so low. THey should be back up to par next week.

Monday: Session 1

Bent Over Rows: 135x8,145x8,155x8,165x8,175x8 (strict)
T-Bar Rows: 45x8,90x8,115x8,135x8,160x8 (strict)
DB Pullovers: 40x8,45x8,50x8,55x8
Pull ups: 8,8,8,8

This was a really good session. I wanted to get a little more volume in, but I didn’t have the time. I also didnt have the time to go back last night for a second session. I’ll have to make up for it today somehow. I’m still trying to decide how i should set up this back spec. Its hard to think of 6 different back workouts to do in a 3 day period. I’m thinking something like this:

Monday session 1:
Bent over rows
rack deads
pull overs
pull ups
pull downs

Monday session 2:
machine rows
reverse flies
1 arm pull down

Tuesday Session 1:
concentric only work

Tuesday session 2:
reverse flies
Incline db rows
straight arm pull downs
Straight bar curl

Wednesday Session 1:
Bent over rows
rack deads
pull overs
pull ups
pull downs

Wednesday Session 2
Biceps Work?

Thursday off
Friday Chest, shoulders, tris
Saturday Legs
Sunday off

I’m afraid this spec phase may actually kill me, lol.

i changed up the spec cycle. I think this version will be more effective.

monday session 1: Bent over row, t bar row, pullovers, pull ups
monday session 2: reverse flies, straight arm pull downs, facepulls, incline rows
Tuesday session 1: bent over rows, deadlifts, rack deads
Tuesday session 2: pullovers, pull ups, chin ups, biceps
Wednesday session 1: wide pulley rows, v handle rows, pull overs, pull ups
Wednesday session 2: hyperextensions, reverse flies, machine rows, pull overs, pull downs.

Sets and reps will vary throughout. It will end up being 2 really heavy sessions, 2 moderately heavy, and 2 pump sessions. The really heavy workouts are on tuesday so as not to interfere with the other lifting sessions too much.

Tuesday Session 1

Bent Over Rows: 135,145,155,165,175,185x8
Deadlifts: 225,255,285,315x8 (every rep paused)
Rack Deadlifts: 315,365,405,455x8
Shrugs: 455x8

This was a pretty brutal session. I’m definitely not used to higher reps, especially on deadlifts. I think the session tonight should be pretty awesome as well. I’m pretty sore from yesterday, so tomorrow should really be a treat.

I went back to the gym for my second session last night, and for some reason they closed 3 hours early. I was a little pissed, but nothing I could do about it. I’m probably only going to get 1 workout in today as well. Going in for a back width workout before my flag football championship game.