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Legacy Gets Strong and Ripped

Wednesdays workout:

Bench: 225x3,255x3,275x3,295x3 PR?, 225x14
Close Grip: 225x5,230x5,235x5
Pull ups: 3x5
Shoulder Circuit: 25’s
Facepulls: 70x20

bench went well, set a possible pr. close grip, couldn’t find my groove. shoulder circuit: awesome pump.

got in the bod pod today and it says i’m fat. so i’ll be cleaning up my diet for a few months.

Yesterday’s workout:

Squat: 225x5,265x5,285x5,315x5,345x3,365x2 Felt pretty easy
Good Mornings: 185x5,5,5

For some reason, last night I started feeling drunk. I have not had any alcohol and I shouldnt be dehydrated. I woke up this morning still feeling a little drunk, but not quite as much. I also had a slight headache. Possible Neural fatigue? This has never happened before.

Overhead lockouts: 225x3,255x3,275x3,295x3 PR 10lb pr
Pull ups: 4x5
Dips: bwx5,45x5,70x5,90x5,115x5 PR
Cable Rows: 140x15
Seated DB should press: 50x10,60x10,70’sx10

Definitely a pretty good session. All the lockouts felt light until the very last set.
Dips were good. Weight is starting to go up on these.
Haven’t done db should press in a while, but these should go up over the next few weeks. The added shoulder stability should help my bench. Looking forward to deadlifts tomorrow.

Deadlift: 135x5,225x5,315x3,405x2,445x1,1,1
RDL: 265x5,285x5,305x5 PR
Low Pulls: 305x10 PR
Bent Over Rows: 225x5,230x5,235x5 PR?
Shrugs: 235x30
Seated Cable Rows: 180x8,200x8

I had a pretty awesome session today. No huge numbers, but it was hard and my intensity felt pretty on spot. I was really dreading going to the gym today too. I had just gotten done playing flag football for two hours. I knew i was going to be weak, but i ate and headed to the gym anyway. Set a couple PR’s, probably could have gotten one on deadlifts today pretty easy too. I decided to pull some singles instead though. Tomorrow will be a much needed recovery day.

Bench Press: 225x3,245x3,275x3,295x1,315x1 PR, 325x1 PR!, 240x10
DB Bench: 100’sx10 PR
Pullovers: 140x8,8 PR
Close Grip Bench: 135x10,155x10,175x10
Facepulls: 70x10,85x10,10
DB Curls: 40’sx10,10

Today was a pretty good session. I hit a couple PRs tonight. Its the first time i’ve ever tried 315, even though i’ve been pretty certain I can get it. 315 felt easy, 325 was a struggle. I really focused on the tricep contraction on close grip and i got a pretty good pump from it. I was really feeling facepulls tonight. And i got a nice pump from curls too.

I really didnt even want to go in and workout tonight. I had just got done playing some flag football for about an hour. I drank a little bit of gatorade and hit the gym. I really had to focus tonight because the intensity wasnt there. Being in a slight caloric deficit and having just played football definitely took some out of me. So HOPEFULLY, i’ll be able to break some more PR’s next week.

Squat: 135x5,225x5,315x3,335x3,365x1, (wraps on) 405x1, 418x1 PR (easy), 440x1 failed (fell forward too much)
Good Mornings: 135x5,185x5,225x5 PR Easy
Olympic Squat: 225x10

This session took a lot longer than it should have. it sucks having to wrap up between squat attempts. I really should have gotten the 440. I’m definitely strong enough to get it, I just leaned too far forward coming up and I couldnt fight back out of it. However, that is the most weight i’ve ever had on my back, so i’m fairly happy with it.

i had some really good powerlifters watch me lift today. i got a few pointers. Both of the guys are 700 squatters and deadlifters. Hopefully i’ll be able to lift with them more in the future. Next squat day, i’ll be getting another PR.

Bench Press: 225x3,265x3,285x3,308x1,320x1 (went pretty easy)
Close Grip Bench: 155x10,195x1,225x10 PR Easy
Bent Over Rows: 155x10,195x10,225x10 PR

Well i got some more PR’s today. I am pretty pissed about bench press though. I had miscalculated when converting from kilos to pounds. I thought I had 340 on the bar, which is why I stopped there, I didnt want to push my luck. Oh well, I got some more tips from two really good powerlifters. The 320 went much smoother than the 308 after they gave me some tips.

About to go run 10 20m sprints and 2-4 40m sprints. It should boost fat loss a little bit and get in a little extra work for my legs.

Sprints went really well this morning. I was sweating a little when I got to class, but it wasnt too bad.

Top half Military from pins: 135x5,225x3,275x3
DB Shoulder Press: 45x10,55x10,65x10,75x10 PR
Pull ups: 3x10 (super strict, bottom of chest to bar)

After this short workout, I went and wrestled with out school’s wrestling team for about an hour. I actually won every time, which was pretty sweet since i was wrestling bigger guys and I havent wrestled in 4 years. I’m super sore from practice already. Hopefully i’ll be recovered in time for deadlifts tomorrow. Really wanting a PR. Diet has been going good. I havent felt tired and i’m steadily dropping fat. I’ll have to post some after pictures in a couple weeks.

Deadlift; 135x5,225x5,315x3,405x1,525x1,445x1,1,1,315x1,1,1
RDL: 315x5,320x5,325x5 PR
Shrugs: 325x10,10

Right now, I really feel like my grip is becoming my limiting factor on deadlifts. I should really buy some chalk. Today I felt really off too. I just felt sluggish, and I really couldn’t get in the zone. Maybe next week will be a little better. I think i’m going to address the grip issue by throwing heavy shrugs every deadlift day.

Hey Legacy, just read through the whole log. I’m planning a cut for the near future. I was bummed to see that you had to stop BCB! Also bummed that the recent bod pod said you “were fat”. Anyway it was cool to read through your log because we have a number of similarities. I wrestled through high school, trained jiu-jitsu for a bit, doing 5/3/1 right now, hopefully cutting soon. I only started lifting 6 months or so ago, So I’m getting stronger, but looking forward to the future to reach goals that take more time. Anyway, I will be following. Keep up the good work! (Oh and super cool that you wrestled with your schools team and kicked some butt).

What are you paying for a bod pod analysis?

Mikeavida: Thanks for stopping in. Lets me know at least someone is watching. I was pretty bummed about having to stop BCB, it was working pretty well for me. Time constraints got in the way of me doing it as it should be done.

I work in the Exercise and Sports Science lab at my school, testing athletes and analyzing their data. Because of this, I get to have a bod pod analysis done pretty much whenever I want. By the way, if you have really only been lifting for 6 months, I wouldnt try a full blown cut. I would recommend just trying to clean up your diet. It will help you be able to continue progressing, while dropping body fat. Thanks again for dropping in.

That’s a pretty sweet bod pod hook up. I’ve really only been lifting for 6 months. I’ve lifted prior to that obviously (being a wrestler and all) but never really put together any significant time under the bar and never made much progress. The last 6 months, I’ve seen my lifts go up a lot and my bodyweight go from 155/160 to 183. I’m definitely fatter than I’ve ever been though, and that’s why I’ve wanted to do a cut.

Thanks for the suggestion to forgo a full blown cut at this point. I’ve got a couple weeks before I intended to start cutting. I think I’ll clean up my diet and add some conditioning work in those couple weeks and see how that goes.

Oh and I asked about the bod pod, because reading about how you weren’t seeing the fat loss results you wanted made me think that maybe it would be worth it to pay for a bod pod every ten days or so. That way you could “see” progress that you maybe otherwise wouldn’t.

“Neural Charge Circuit”
Explosive Pushups: 5x3
Snatch: 5x3x95lb
Explosive Pull down: 5x3x90
Box Jumps: 5x3x40"

This was actually a pretty good workout. Everything was done in Circuit form, so it only took like 15-20 minutes. Not sure if it helped with lifting, but It was more calories burned, and hopefully helped with recovery.

Bench Press: 145x5,185x3,225x3,265x3,285x1,308x1,330x1 PR! Post Activation Potentiation: 175x5
Close Grip Bench: 135x10,185x10,225x10
Low Incline Bench Press: 55’sx10,65’sx10,10,10

Workout went pretty well today. Bench felt really heavy today during every set, but I somehow still manaaged a 5lb PR. I’m pretty happy with it, but i’d like to have about 70 more pounds right now. Next week, i’ll probably do a bunch of singles with 315.

I also did an hour of yoga after lifting, and did about 15 minutes on the elliptical. Yoga was better than i thought it would be. I actually felt pretty relaxed afterward.

I didn’t get much sleep at all last night, so today felt pretty awful in the gym.

Squat: 135x5,225x5,315x3,345x2, 315x5
Speed Box Squat: 225x2,2,2,2,2
Box Front Squat: 135x5,185x3,205x3

As you can see, today was pretty weak. I got to the gym and realized I really didnt feel like being there. I was just too tired. Plus I was extremely weak today. Everything felt weak, except box front squats. I think i’m going to throw in max effort box squats for a few weeks. Or at least start alternating them with regular squats. My major problem on squat is coming out of the hole and keeping upright. Box squats and Good mornings will address this problem.

Strong bench man. What’re you weighing nowadays?

Top Half Military; 225x3,275x3,295x3 (couldnt stay in the groove)
Military: 135x3,145x3,155x3
Dips: BWx10, 45x5,90x5,115x5,135x6 PR
Pull ups: BWx10, 45x5, BWx10
Shoulder Circuit: 20’s
Shoulder Internal/external Rotations: 15lbx10,10

Not a bad session today. I should have PR’ed on top half military today, but for some reason I kept getting out of the groove. I hit a nice PR on dips today. I thought about doing one more set with 160. My shoulders were bothering me today, so I decided to do some internal and external rotations.

[quote]WhiteFlash wrote:
Strong bench man. What’re you weighing nowadays?[/quote]

Flash, I’m weighing around 200 even right now. I’ve dropped between 8-10 pounds in the last 4 weeks. I should end up around 190 at about 8% body fat, if everything keeps going right. You mind putting in a link to your log if you have one?

Deadlift: 135x5,225x5,315x5,365x1,405x1,455x1,475x1 PR!
RDL: 315x5,325x5,335x5 PR
Bent-Over Row; 225x5,235x5,245x5

I got a couple of huge PR’s today. 10lbs on both deadlift and RDL. The deadlift was the ugliest rep ever, but it was still legit. RDL felt easy today for some reason. I could have definitely gotten 345 today, but I didnt want to do too much since i’m dieting and I have to worry about recovery a little more.