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Legacy Gets Strong and Ripped

Lately I’ve been keeping my log in the I’BB section, but since I haven’t been following that routine for a while, I’ve decided to start posting here again. I’ve been following 5/3/1 for the last month and a half, but my gym is closed for a week and a half.

So… I’ve decided to do a complete overhaul on my physique. The first couple weeks of this log will cover my fat loss workouts and diet. After I hit sub 10% bf, i’ll start doing 5/3/1 again. In August I will be entering my First Powerlifting competition, and I’m chasing some records.

Current Stats:
Weight: 214
Height: 5’9"
BF: 14%
Bench: 335x1
Squat: 435x1
Deadlift: 465x1
Military: 200x1
Pull ups: 115x1

Over the next 4 weeks, I’m expecting to be in the single digit body fat range, and i’m expecting my squat and bench to drop pretty dramatically. However, I think my military and pull ups will be going up, while my deadlift stays about the same.

After that, I’m expecting a pretty huge rebound in all my lifts when I switch back over to a strength based routine. Please feel free to post in my log. I’m going to need some people to keep me accountable

Front Double Bi

Rear double Bi

side chest

side tri



A1) Deficit Deadlifts: 6x4x265
A2) Push Press: 6x6x175
Mountain Climbers: 120 seconds
B1) Bent Over Row: 5x5x175
B2) Front Squat: 5x5x175
B3) Push-up Position Plank 5x45 seconds
C1) Reverse Lunges: 2x25x25lb db’s
C2) Explosive Pushups: 2xAMRAP
500 Jumping Jacks

This is probably the easiest workout I’ll have for the next few weeks, and it still left me laying on the floor sucking wind. Glutes and back are super sore today. Those deficit deads really got me. Next time I do this workout I plan to add 20 lbs to every lift. Its going to be fun.


HIIT Sprints for 20 minutes. I did these on a football field, and TRIED to make it as fun as possible. Started off by walking a full lap, then sprinting a full lap, then walked 50 yards, sprinted backwards for 50 yards, walked 50 yards, sprinted 120 yards, walked 100 yards, then backwards sprint 120 yards, karaoka for 50 yards, lateral sprint 50 yards, sprint 100 yards, walk 50 yards, sprint 100 yards, walk 120 yards, lateral sprint 50 yards, walk 50 yards, backwards sprint 50 yards, walk 50, sprint 120. Then I walked at a decent pace for a couple laps.

Thats pretty much exactly how my HIIT intervals went today. It sucked ass, almost threw up 3 times, but at least it seemed to go by pretty quick.

A) Same Side Dynamic Lunges: 2x5,4,3,2,1 50lb DBs
B1) Plank: 30sec,25sec,20sec,15sec,10sec
B2) Push-ups:2x20,15,10,5,AMRAP
C1) Bicep Curl: 2x6,5,4,3,2,1 35lb DBs
C2) DB Top Squat: 2x6,5,4,3,2,1 35lb DBs
C3) Overhead Press: 2x6,5,4,3,2,1 35lb DBs
D1) Bulgarian Split Squat: 3x4,3,2,1 25lb DBs
D2) Front Raise: 3x4,3,2,1 25lb DBs
500 Jumping Jacks

So umm, this entire workout sucked horribly. It was pretty awful. D1 and D2 should have been easy, but I was so dead from the rest of the workout that it about killed me. Damnit I better be lean when I get done doing this crap.

I feel like I need to reiterate just how awful today’s workout was. I mean I guess it was a really good workout, but it sucked horribly. The workout started off balls to the wall, and finished that way, but it definitely wasnt easy. A) almost killed me. My legs were already shaking on the first round. I had crazy soreness afterwards and I was only 2 sets into my workout. B1) and B2) were equally awful, because I was already dead from the lunges. Then on to C1) C2) and C3) looks like it should have been pretty easy… It wasnt. My arms were dead from holding the 50lb db’s for so long, shoulders were wiped from holding them out to my sides. I had an intense full body pump, and the lactate was really starting to build up for a nice burning sensation. This only intensified through D1) and D2). Jumping jacks really kill my calves and the sole of my foot, so they were great too. After I got done, I laid in a pool of sweat for about 5 minutes, thinking about how stupid I am for doing that workout.

Well, I cant wait for next time. I think I’m gonna do some moderate cardio to help recover in the morning.

This morning I woke up and did about 25 minutes of fasted cardio. Walking at 3.2mph on an 8% grade. Nothing crazy, but hopefully it will be helping. I’ve got some crazy DOMS today, but I definitely feel better than I did last night. I may hit the treadmill again tonight.

I guess I should probably put my diet in here, to give a little bit of an idea of all the steps i’m taking to lean out.

  1. 1 cup egg whites + 1 whole egg and oatmeal: 50g carbs, 40g protein
  2. 6oz chicken +2 apples: 40g carbs, 35g protein
  3. Protein Shake + 1 nutrigrain bar: 40g protein, 25g carbs
    4: 8oz hamburger + veggies: 50g protein, 40g fat
    5: 8oz hamburger + veggies: 50g protein, 40g fat
    6: 4 eggs + cheese + veggies: 35g protein, 30g fat

gives me 1000 cals from protein, 1000 from fat, 500 from carbs.

I should probably bump up the calories a bit more than this. 2500 is probably a bit low for my size. If i’m losing weight too fast, then i’ll probably bump up the protein intake a bit, 25-50g per day. which will put me at 2600 to 2700 calories a day, which seems about right.

Yesterday I played some tennis with my girlfriend. We both just started playing like last week, so it ends up being less tennis and more chasing balls down.

I performed workout #3 today. And I remember thinking when I looked at it yesterday that it should be easy. Today it was tough as hell. After completing it I realized everything was supposed to be bodyweight only. I was using 35lb db’s during the lower body portion…

A1) Parallel Bar Dips: 15 (2sec pause at top, 1 sec pause at bottom)
A2) Push-up Position Plank: 30sec
A3) Spiderman Lunges: 10 each leg
A4) Push-ups: 20
A5) Push-up Position Plank: 30sec
A6) Pulse Push-ups: AMRAP

B1) Single Leg RDL: 2x20 reps per leg holding 2 35lb db’s
B2) Reverse Lunges: 2x10 reps and 20 pulses per leg holding 2 35lb db’s
B3) Plank: 2x60sec
B4) Mountain Climbers: 2x60sec

C1) Pull-ups: 2xAMRAP
C2) Push-up Position Plank: 2x30sec
C3) Chin-ups: 2xAMRAP
C4) Inverted Rows: 2x25pulses

I still don’t think this workout looks too hard, but its pretty rough. I dont think it would have been nearly as bad if I wasn’t using db’s for the lunges and RDLs. I think i’m already getting a little more endurance. The mountain climbers seemed alot easier today, still not easy, but easier. I’m hoping that by the end of this 4-6 weeks I’ll be pretty ripped up and I’ll be able to blow through this workout like its nothing. I seriously doubt that will happen though.

Side note: I can already tell I’m getting a LITTLE leaner. Abs are coming in a little bit and arms are looking more defined. I’m hoping I’ll have some awesome before and after comparisons for everyone. It hasnt even been 5 full days yet.

500 mutha freakin jumping jacks…what does that feel like? :wink:

Keep it up sir,

I know Romans workouts can be pretty tough but stick with it i bet you will see more results as time passes.

Just wanted to drop by and give you a little motivation to keep on pressing through! We are watching and there are people around here that wanna see you get the results you deserve bro.

Do Work!!

mom: 500 jumping jacks freaking sucks. calves are on fire after about 100 of them. I’m a big pansy so i’ll do about 100 then take a 10 second break and do another 100, and repeat till i’m done.

Judson: Thanks for the words of encouragement. I’m hoping that I get the results that you guys want to see. I’m definitely going to give this program my best shot.

The diet was a little more lax today than I would have liked for it to have been. So i did some evening cardio. I walked about 1.5 miles on a 10% incline. It felt good, I broke a nice sweat, and I don’t feel as bad for not getting the right macro break down today, even though my calories were still good.

I forgot to take front and side relaxed, so i’m going to take some and throw them up here real quick. 5 days shouldn’t be too big of a change.

Front Relaxed

Side Relaxed

Yes, I have a huge butt, thanks for noticing…

I did some more fasted low intensity cardio this morning. My hammies are still trashed from yesterdays single leg RDL’s. I still plan on doing some intervals today. It should be fun. i’ll probably do it on a track, which wont be nearly as fun as it is on a football field.