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ok… i am 20 years old and this past summer i did fat fast and lost about 30-45lbs of body fat it was a productive summer. but before the summer i was a fat- strong guy with good size on my legs… then this summer during my diet i did a lot of cardio (a lot of runing) it helped me loose a lot of fat but i did loose a good deal of muscle (espicially in my legs). since spetember i have added 10 pounds of muscle and have been bulking up, i am extremely happy with my upper body and all my upper body lifts are better than before the diet. but my damn legs suck- i now have chicken legs, but get this my squat strength is back to my pre diet level, but they have gained no mass, my question is do u guys think all the runing fucked my legs up permantley. my diet is great i dont overtrain and i get 8-12 hours sleep at night. please help thank u bow-wow

bowow: Now THIS is an area where I have to give the Pro’s their props! That is the concept of “Exercise Prioritization”. (Do I sound like a Weider Ghost Writer? Oh well…)

Anyway…if you have a lagging body part, it simply takes priority in your training. So…1) You hit it FIRST 2) You hit it HARD and 3) You hit it OFTEN (within reason and if not impairing growth). Also, since your lagging body part is legs, you may have to eat bigger. (Be careful, because it sounds like you may have a tendency to put on fat). (P.S. No…the running did not mess up your legs. They were probably more fat than muscle to begin with…and keep in mind that increases in STRENGTH are NOT synonymous with increases in size). Hope this helps!

Although you could have compromised some strength/size in your legs by doing lots of cardio the change is by no means permanent. Since you have your strength back try increasing the time under tension of your leg work to induce more demands on the metabolic system (hypertrophy). If this doesn’t work try cutting back on cardio and eating more food. One thing I’ve noticed is if nothing else the legs will respond to a high calorie intake.

thanks for the advice, i have been doing pause squats for the tut, hope they will help

what supplement could i use to help in the leg improvement- right now i use protien, creatine, vitamin c, multi vitamin,
do u think a pro-hormone like mag 10 or androsol would help at my age (20)

yes, all the “runing” fucked your legs up “permantley”. I think it also fucked your spelng

marc- get the sand out of your pussy. the kid had a legit question, especially since he is young. so he goofs on the keyboard, big hairy deal…

Other than the supplements you’re taking now I don’t think it would be necessary to add anything else. Can you list your weight and cardio routine as well as calorie and macronutrient intake?

Question – Are you just lifting the same amount on the bar, or is your leg strength REALLY back to what it was (weight on the bar PLUS bodyweight)? I’m assuming squats here. Try upping the squat weight up 35 lbs (slowly!), then you know that you’re at the same strength level, and check your leg size again.

Da Man, my real point was that of course his legs are permanently fucked at 20. That should be obvious. Running permanently fucks your legs. Everyone knows that. Here’s a question for you. Why are there so many dumb questions on this board? Also, why are there so many dumb answers?

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Dude, just write down everything you’ve been doing. Look at it and do the opposite. If you squat then deadlift. If you do pause sqauts do 1 1/4 squats. The point is don’t do what you have done before, change it all, diet, training, even supplementation.