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Leg Workout


I want to concentrate on my legs now, I've never really done much with my legs at the gym all I do is Leg Extension + Curl + Press and Also Running. I've done squats before - Nothing big all I've ever went up to was about 65kg for 5 reps which was my body weight at the time!

Squats seem to hurt my groins alot, even though I warm up + stretch to make sure i'm ready they still give that tight feeling as if there going to pull! Is that because I dont squat very often?

I got to myself to start something here as I need to Build my legs up, I dont want to look like a chicken in a few years time..

Also not that my gym doesn't have and 20kg free bars which is shocking I have complained they only have two smith machines.

I was training today and I thought Id add some squats into my workout to see how it went, I done 50kg for 3x10, The weight felt easy enough but I was going light (You must be thinking 50kg what a batty boy lol haha ) ..

I come to you guys to for advice on a program of some sort which will work for me and something that I can build on.



im by no means an expert ive only gone to the gym for a month but you seem to need to eat a lot more and build muscle for one (65 kgs??)

unless if you are like 5' 3" or so


If you haven't really focused on your legs, then you are a beginner at leg training.

Stick with the squats. If you have done other exercises but not squats, especially machines, then your strength is going to seem disproportionately low.

Do squats 3x per week, start with 1 set of 6-8 (after warm up) and work up to 3 over a period of 3-4 weeks.


Thanks for the more constructive reply,

I've never pushed for my 1RM, I have only ever went for endurance sets that i can handle (thats if I even done them), Never pushed myself full, Properly due to fact that I had no spotter at old gym using free bar.

You say do squats for 1x8 Is this 8RM-10RM or just a load to adjust to the exercise?

I'll Continue using the resistance machine on leg days aswell and doing as you said + free lunges,Squats more often?



you havent really stated your goals, although because u said u didnt wanna look like a chicken then ill assume u wanna put on some mass in the inferior cannons (legs).

because u are in the newby circle for leg training then anything between a rep range or 6 - 14 will be benificial up to a point, just stick with 3 sets of 10 to start off with until u find gains hard to come by, then u start working it like the rest of ur body, which should hopefully be a combination of sarcomere and sarcoplasmic gains.(light and heavy training). with periodization.

for starters work your legs twice a week, squats, then something like leg press, then maybe calves, and when u change it up to some serious training then do 4 exercises once a week.

and to answer ur question 8 reps would be an 8rm if u were performing 1 set, however if u were doing multiple sets then it would not be because u would use slightly less weight.(there are exceptions of course)


He'd be better off doing lower reps like in the range of 3x5.


I agree that he'd be better off doing 3x5, but it doesn't matter nearly as much as progression is the rep range he choses.


Well assuming that he's going to use progression in either scenario, he'd be better off using a 3x5 set and rep scheme.