Leg Workout With No Weight

So yeah… My area is POURING with rain. I mean, it never rains over here, even in the winter, so this was really unexpected.

But considering that my weights are all outside, and I have tile floor all inside my house, and no garage which I could use, an ideas for a good solid bodyweight leg workout that I could do other than the Death By Bodyweight portion to Ian King’s article… I mean, I can rep out way too much on that… an no backpack full of books. It’s in me dads car and he’s out “working”. And there aren’t that many heavy things in my house… any ideas friends?

Single leg bodyweight exercises like squats.

yup Single Legs if you read one of the articles posted One leg exercises are the same, if you look at the physics- resistant is resistant. Pistols are good and they use muscle groups you have never used, do not be ashame if you get Sore- HAHA

Do a million hindu squats.

Okay, that’s a lot. Do a thousand. If you do them straight, that’ll take you about an hour.

I promise you, you will not lose strength. And if you do, it will be the good kind of loss.

And before you’re like ‘dude, they’re bodyweight, they CAN’T provide enough resistance’, consider the fact that one day off of working out won’t kill you. Good luck, post results.

Pistols, very high step-ups, sprints, jumps.

You gotta have something around your house you can grab onto and do excersices with. I’ve used gallons of water before. Think about it maybe you’ll find something.

Ah yes, do you have a car? It would be pretty challenging pulling it in the rain.

tabata jump squats

I used to do superset of

24 squats > 24 dynamic lunges each leg > 24 jump squats > 24 sec hold squat at parrell. For 5 sets not as easy as it sounds and a garantee your legs will be screaming the first few times you do this routine.

If i was you i’d just go fucking do it in the rain.

I like to do this circuit:

50 Hindu Squats
25 Jump Squats
15 Lunges (each leg)
30sec Mountain Climber

Do that three or four times and your legs will be screaming for mercy.

[quote]Goodfellow wrote:
If i was you i’d just go fucking do it in the rain.[/quote]

That sounds badass! You could make your own music video by playing some linkin park in the background with some dramatic side and overhead camera shots!

But seriously-just do it in the rain.