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leg workout timing


i am having trouble organizing a workout schedule, in particular the timing of my leg day. i play hockey and we practice 5 days a week with a game every saturday. practices run as

mon-fundamental positioning (very little skating and movement)
tues-conditioning (sprints and HIIT)
wed-agility/passing drills,
thurs-slow state cardio,
friday-puck movement/postioning,

our trainer pretty much lets us design our own plans as long as he doesn't see anything too wrong with it, and currently i do chest 2x a week (DE/ME) back 2x a week (split between vertical and horizontal pulling) and legs whenever they don't feel sore. i don't really know about fiber type or anything like that, so i don't know if i'd be overtraining by doing them on a certain day. (my leg training currently consists of working up to 1-3 RM range in squats deads gms and cleans).

any help would be appreciated, keeping in mind that the mon wed fri practices are very low intensity and are mainly just used for game situations/awareness.