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Leg Workout Recommendations...

I really need to start working my legs again. I havent performed a leg workout in, at least, over 6 months; maybe double that. I havent performed consistant leg work in more years than I can remember. Ive never been able to squat with proper form and without back pain. I injured my back a few months ago just warming up (overhead dumbell press) and now im scared shitless of performing any movement that might put stress on my lower back (i was bed ridden for 2 days.) Hack squats have never felt right and leg presses really never did much for my leg development. What else can I do? This is a little embarrassing to admit, but I have to start somewhere…

BTW, im 29, 5’8, 185, fairly buff but a little chubby.

Why not try some of the exercises from my Single Leg Supplements article? The majority of them can be performed with DB’s, therefore putting minimal stress on your spine:


Let me know if you need further assistance!

Stay strong

Great advice Mike.

I think Ian King also has some single leg exercise progressions in his “Limping into” series. Do a search.

RIT Jared

Agree with above posts. Try single leg dumbell squats, back leg elevated. I rely heavily on this when my back is feeling shaky. I also suffer from a “glass-back” but it has gotten much stronger lately due to a steady diet of hypers, reverse hypers, glute-ham raises, pull throughs, deadlifts, etc. When your back feels up to par, begin strengthening it and your posterior chain- it will help! In the meantime, check out hip-belt squats and the afformentioned single leg exercises. Best of luck!