Leg Workout Limitations

Hi, Im new to the T-Nation site…i haven recently gotten into lifting and bodybuilding more in the last 4 months other than just simple recreational lifting. the problem is that i play collegiate lacrosse and am trying to increase my leg size and strength, but it seems to almost be a lost cause.

4 years ago i had back to back surgeries on both of my hips and now i am stuck with pins in each of them due to a case of slipped femoral epiphysis…my doctor told me that because of the way that hips were pinned it is going to be extremely hard for me to get parallel when squating without bending over forward and losing form…i can get within 2 or 3 inches of parallel but that is it.

I was wondering how much i am jeopardizing by doing squats with my limitations or if there are any other workouts i could do that we be just as beneficial? Also what is the best calve workout because they seem to be pretty stubborn? I am currently taking cell-tech with ON whey protein…is there any other supplements i should give a try that are legal by NCAA standards?

Height 6"1
weight 215

Yeah, the squat is the king exercis but its by no means a lost cause.

Split Squats, Lunges, Deadlifts, Step Ups etc. all are excellent exercises and used correctly will add mass to your legs, not as much as the squat but this is the obstacle, you just gotta work around it!