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Leg Workout for Rackless Basement Gym Warrior?



I train in my basement gym and i dont have a rack.
I have a barbell and lots of plates. What i do for quads are as below.
Can you recommend anything else?

Front squat, medium stance heels elevated ( i clean the bar from the floor )
Back squat for high reps since the weight i can clean is limited, medium stance heels elevated or wide stance to hit the inner portion
Barbell sumo deadlift
RDLs give me lower back strain so i stopped doing them.



^ You might just be better off getting some a rack or some squat stands.


i am a newly wed so i dont think i can afford any more equipment for a while.


-Hack squats
-Regular deadlifts. Should essentially be the same ROM of a squat.
-Plyometrics (weighted jump squats, alternating jump lunges)
-Split squats and bulgarian split squats
-Pistols (and eventually barbell pistols)
-Lunges (front, back, side)


Building two seperate posts that serve as squat stand (like most olympic weightlifters use) cost next to nothing, google it.


Certainly impressive... but he took a really long time to get set up and under it.

I used the Steinborn for a couple months last year before I bought a rack. I was doing 20 rep squats (and I was [and still am] weak), so the weight never got too high. I don't think I ever Steinborned more than about 185.

If you do this, I recommend hitting up a Play it Again Sports and buying some good vice-style collars to hold the plates. Put at least 2 on each side. Last thing you want is for the bottom plates to fall off when you're getting set up.

Of course, practice with an empty bar and figure out the technique.

Steinborn himself allegedly did 500 lbs from the ground like this.


You may also want to try the Jefferson lift. It's a straddle deadlift with the bar in front and behind you, keeping your torso upright and lifting with your legs. Alternate to keep things even.

But yeah, I suggest getting a rack or squat stands asap.


Landmine (lumberjack) squat. You probably don't have a landmine so just stick one end of the barbell in a corner.

Can't go too heavy on them though.


You do all of those in one workout? Please say no. Also, only one/maybe two of those exercises would be "for quads."

In addition to the options mentioned so far, you could also consider sissy squats, Zerchers, tons of bodyweight stuff (pausing at the bottom is especially killer with bodyweight finisher-type work), hip thrusts, glute bridges, step-ups (depending on ceiling height), etc.

Point is, there are more than enough exercise options even with just a barbell. It's a matter of paying extra attention to your program design, exercise choice, sets, and reps.


Before I had a rack I would Clean a weight, at the time my Clean was only a little more than half my front squat, then proceed to do a set of 10, set of 9, set of 8, etc., every minute on the minute for 10 minutes. Not going to get you a tremendous amount stronger but it did pump up my quads pretty well.


4x4 post of wood, 5 gallon paint bucket, cement. Cut notch in wood post for J hook at your height.


Really? I've done something similar on my leg days on and off for years. In fact when I was doing WSB inspired training it looked pretty similar, only replacing sumo DL with conventional and RDLs with Dimels or GMs. Worked great for me.


yes, Kai Greene does them. After i watch his videos, i say to myself i will try it next time. when i get to gym, i forget about it :slight_smile:


im sorry but i will say yes :slightly_smiling: 3 sets of 8 reps front squats, excluding warm-up sets of course.
then 2 sets of 20 reps for back squat. this one kills me.

then sumo deadlifts by using 10 kg plates which increases the range of motion so i have to sit upright which hits quads damn hard. i do 3 sets of 8 to 10 reps.

i dont do RDLs because it hurts me every time. i dont like being stubborn when it comes to lower back health. its just not worth it.


yes i know them but problem is i have a short bar, not a olympic bar.

i tried it but didnt work unfortunately. olympic bar is on the shopping list but i have to wait for a few months.


I just found that video.

No need to make it all sensual like he did. Just lift the bar, lol.


Yeah, I probably should've clarified. I've also had similar sessions, and lately I've been really "enjoying" (as much as leg training can be enjoyed) mechanical advantage-type work - front squats into back squats, snatch-grip deads into conventional, etc - and it really is a solid and efficient way to balance intensity and volume, ramping up to big weights without really compromising or detracting from the rest of the session.

That said, most of the time when people say they do a few kinds of squats and deads in a session, they're going way overboard on them or just programming them in a funky way. Seeing what the guy later explained about his session (fronts squats and then high rep back squats), he's probably pretty well on track for his situation.


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