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Leg workout breakdowns.

HEy guys,this is my first time posting.
Hey,I noticed that some ppl divide their leg workouts into quad day and something else…
tell me which.
Also,what do u all do for these workouts?
Squats I know are essential but could u all tell me some exercises for quads? Thanks.

Ken, T-mag is posting a summary of this type of training soon as a “Short Topic” article. This may run tomorrow (issue #161). Check it out; it covers just about everything you need to know in Cliff Notes fashion.

The “other” day, BTW, is hip dominant day where the deadlift is your main exercise.

I break my leg workouts in two. I hit quads on the first day and hams and calves the second. This allows me to focus on quads with everything I’ve got and then I can hit hams and calves when I rested again. For quads I do box squats primarily and leg presses. I follow that up with some light single leg extensions. I do several sets of squats and almost as many leg presses. For hams I do leg curls to warm up then move onto stiff legged deads. For calves I do seated calf raises or do calves on the leg press machine.

Thanks guys. I’ll look out for the article Chris.

Something you may wish to try is to do calf work in each of your leg workouts; one ham and one quad. Perform seated calves one of the workouts and standing calves the other session. I’ve done this for a long time (other than summer when I’m doing so much biking I’m only hitting legs once per week, with my deadlifts on back day) and feel it’s helped my calves grow (probably my best bodypart).